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How is maintenance of this car?

By: Nishant on 6 february 2015

6 Answers:

Skoda Yeti is a classic car and a trend setter for plenty of compact SUV. It leads all compact SUV in almost all parameters right from power to the image created onroad. In terms of maintenance also it leads the segment with comparatively higher billing. Owning Skoda Yeti is more of passion than necessity. Hence maintenance wont be that problem.
TeamAutoportal   2015-02-06

Skoda Yeti is among the cars that are built to give the users comfort in return of minimal maintenance. Thus, there is hardly anything elaborate in the maintenance measure of this car. As a result, the buyers can have trouble free experience after they buy the Skoda Yeti. However, as it is common with any other car, regular servicing of the engine and using good quality lubricant and branded lead free fuel will ensure that the engine lasts much longer as compared to other cars. Although the car has been launched very recently, the owners should not worry at all about its spare parts. They are readily available with any good garage or service center.

Nikhil   2015-02-19

Skoda Yeti is a low maintainence car that assures comfort and reliability to the pessengers. You need to get regular services done that helps in consistence performance. Yeti's first service should be done after 12 months of purchase. Oil change and using lead free or premium fuel leads to a perfect drive. Since Skoda is a luxury brand so you might get higher servicing and spare also cost higher than other brands.

Kanika   2015-06-08

The Skoda Yeti is a high-range car. Its price ranges from Rs. 15.19 to Rs. 21.80. So it is obvious that the maintenance of this car will be costly as well. It needs a lot of passion to buy this car. So the maintenance cost should not bother one much. Comfort level of this vehicle is very high. A minimal maintenance can give you a lot of service. The experience after buying this vehicle should be tension and hassle free. But it needs regular care-taking of the engine and use of good quality lubricant. The spare parts of this vehicle are widely available. So the users do not need to be worried regarding this.

Ramesh   2015-06-24

The Yeti requires very less maintenance and has very less issues often but it is always good to have a check up done once a while and hence get the entire car inspected by the expert technician for any damages of faults after every ling drive. Other than that enjoy your car.

tarun saini   2015-07-06

The Skoda Yeti is a very decent car which does not require much maintenance. I have worked with my i10 for3 years and hardly got it checked 3 times. But still if you want to ensure a healthy vehicle you should ensure that the car is clean at least under the hood.

ashish lakhera   2015-07-08

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