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About Tata

Established in 1945, Tata Motors Limited (formerly known as TELCO – Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) is an Indian automobile company that is a part of the Tata Group. The company deals with passenger cars, commercial cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defence vehicles.


The company entered into the commercial vehicles sector in 1954 following a joint venture with Daimler-Benz, Germany. Tata’s first passenger car was the Tata Seirra, an SUV launched in 1991. Tata Motors made its foray into the passenger car segment with a couple of more SUVs – Tata Sumo and Tata Safari. The company became synonymous to the best SUVs in the country and all of its later cars, be it the Tata Indica or the Tata Indigo and the various other cars that have been launched down the line, have been known for their powerful performance with amazing fuel efficiency.


Foundation of Tata Motors


Tata Motors Group or Tata Motors is a $45 billion organization that is a leading multinational automobile manufacturing company. With its diverse portfolio of products, the company is the largest and also the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in India. The company was founded under the Tata Group by JRD Tata. Initially being only in the manufacturing of locomotives, the move into the commercial cars segment and then into the passenger vehicles segment was a smooth transition for the company.


The Acquisitions and the Expansion


The success of Tata Motors was mostly due to its commercial cars segment until the company launched its Tata Indica, which was the car that led to the company’s strong presence in the passenger car segment. The company then forayed into acquisitions, building Tata Motors as an international brand.


In 2004, Tata Motors acquired Daewoo’s South Korean truck manufacturing unit. This was Tata Motors first and very significant acquisition. The unit was renamed as Tata Daewoo. After the acquisition, Tata Motors was listed on an international stock exchange – the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) for the first time, thereby opening avenues for its global presence.


Tata Motors continued its expansion in 2005 with acquiring a 21% stake in Hispano Carrocera, a Spanish bus and coach manufacturing company, and in 2009, Tata gained complete control over this Spanish company. The year 2006 saw Tata Motors form a joint collaboration with Marcopolo, a Brazilian bus manufacturing company.


In 2008, Tata Motors made its biggest acquisition when it acquired Jaguar Land Rover from Ford Motor Company.


The Best and Most-Valued Tata Cars


With world-class accessories and some of the best value-added services, Tata Motors is considered to be the most trusted car manufacturers of India. The company has gained its strong reputation by giving customers a delightful comfort with their drives. By always introducing the best technologies at cheaper prices and keeping their cars up to date with the recent technological advancements in the field of automobiles, the company has gained an edge over its competitors in the passenger cars, commercial cars and multi-utility car markets.


Tata Motors has a predominant share in the commercial vehicles segment with most commonly seen utility vans and public transport vehicles being the Tata cars. The company also has a significant share in the passenger car segment with Tata Indica and Tata Indigo ruling the mid-range automobile scene for quite long.


Known to be very low on maintenance and high on mileage, Tata Indica is one of the most-favourite small cars in India and is now popularly used by taxi services across the country. The Tata Indigo is another favourite and popular Tata car that offers premium features at low operation and maintenance costs. Tata diesel cars are also quite popular among those who like to opt for diesel cars.


Talking about the price range that Tata cars in India are offered at, Tata car prices in India vary as per the segments of the cars as the company offers a wide array of choices. If you look at the Tata cars list, you will notice that the company offers cars in varied price ranges to suit the budget requirements of all automobile buyers. While most of the cars can be easily categorized as mid-range cars in terms of price, the company also offers some very affordable cars and some luxury cars that come with their premium price tag.


Tata Car Photos


Tata car models are renowned for their high performance and superior reliability. Speaking of the company’s legacy in manufacturing cars that meet the exact needs of Indian drivers, Tata automatic cars are considered to be the most ideal for Indian roads. The exteriors of the cars have a very premium look and that being said, these cars are still very much in the affordable range, further emphasizing on the fact that the company aims at offering luxury cars at lower prices for the Indian market.


Tata Motors cars offer a varied range of features to suit the specific needs of different consumers. You can look for Tata car images online to give you a better picture of what you can expect from the different Tata car variants.



Tata Nano GenX | Tata Tiago | Tata Bolt | Tata Tiago NRG



Zest | Tigor



Sumo Gold | Safari Storme | Hexa


Sub-Compact SUV






Tata Cars  - FAQs


Q1. Are Tata cars expensive to maintain?

This depends entirely on how seriously you take the regular maintenance of your car. Safe driving and regular service checks will ensure that you do not have any expensive maintenance issues with your Tata cars.


Q2. Are Tata cars reliable?

As one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in India, Tata has made a strong reputation for itself in the Indian automobile market. Tata Motors is known for reliability, price affordability and superior driving pleasure for the Indian roads.


Q3. Are used Tata cars reliable?

Tata cars have been known for their reliability and safety on Indian roads. The cars have a great second-hand market and that is the reason that most Tata cars have a good resale value. The pre-owned Tata cars are among the most popular used cars being traded in India.


Q4. Which is the most popular Tata car in India?

Tata Tiago is gaining wide popularity in the recent times as the most reliable car on Indian roads. With a great resale value and wonderful after-sale service, the car is becoming a favourite, beating even the premium cars in the Indian market.


Q5. Who is the owner of Tata Motors?

A. Tata Motors belongs to the huge conglomerate, the Tata Group. Founded by Ratan Tata, the company is now run under the chairmanship of Mr. Nataranjan Chandrasekaran.


Q6. What are Tata cars best known for?

Tata cars are best known for their sturdy structures and affordable prices. The automobile company is one of the most widely preferred brand for the Indian roads. The company is also known for manufacturing some of the best performance vehicles for the rough Indian terrains.


Q7. Which is the most expensive Tata car in India?

The most expensive Tata car is the Tata Hexa with an ex-showroom price of approximately Rs. 18 Lakh. The upcoming Tata Harrier would be pricier once it launches.


Q8. Are Tata cars expensive to repair?

Tata cars are considered to be among the most affordable cars when it comes to maintenance. The company has several authorized service centres that offer some of the best repair services at unbelievably affordable prices.


Q9. Are there any Tata upcoming cars scheduled to be launched in the next few months?

Yes. A total of 5 Tata car models are expected to be launched in the next few months.


Q10. Does Tata offer any sedan model also?

Yes. Zest and Tigor the two Tata sedan cars quite popular in the compact sedan segment.