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Which is better among Tata Aria and Toyota Innova ?

By: Santoshi Rahil on 8 june 2014

7 Answers:

Tata Aria was launched to offer tough competition for XUV 500 and Innova and capture the market with its very advanced features. In doing so, Tata Motors introduced maximum features in Tata Aria. Surprisingly the price It was also made very high nearly more than 3 lakhs compared to its competitive cars in the segment this affected the initial boost in sales. However these days the price is reduced considerably. The price of both Tata Aria and Innova are very near and shoulder to shoulder competition is there for each variant available. Tata Aria has slight edge over Innova in terms of engine power and Torque and advancement in technology used with its very tough stance for usage in 4X4 mode. To select one, Aria is better.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-08

This is very difficult to answer about which is better among Tata Aria and Toyota Innova, because the cars have their own merits and demerits. Personally I feel, you should first decide your preferences and budget. Though, the price ranges of both the cars are quite similar but Tata Aria can be preferred more due to its engine power and various advanced features. So, for the better choice, go with Aria.

Nikki   2014-08-17

Without any doubt, if you see the features Tata Aria is far- far better than Innova, when come back to reliability and popularity Innova will be leading. Tata have made aria a featured machine with a lot of added features in it. Coming to the price ARIA have a a price of 3 lacks less than Innova, which gives a very tough competition to vehicles like XUV and Innova. Innova engine is powerful than ARIA which is a 2.5L engine in place of 2.2 varicor engine of Tata, but again Tata Aria engine is having a better power and torque

Moni   2015-06-18

Aria is a clear winner in terms of price difference of 3 lacks and specifications and features. Tata engine is more powerful than Innova as well it has a rich set of features installed in it. Aria have more comfort features installed like arm seats, cup holders, rear parking sensors, folding rear seats, glove box cooling, rain sensing wiper, rear window wipers, smoke headlamps, better wheel base and ground clearance , brake assistant, anti theft alarm and a lot. So clearly in terms of features Aria is better than Innova.

Darshnil   2015-06-20

Aria might be giving a better rate and features but in terms of reliability and performance, I never tested performance of Aria but Innova is one of the largest selling SUV in the segment. Either for cab culuture, travelling with family or some other requirement Innova is the first choice of peoples. It is better looking and better performing vehicle. Still Aria gives even better mileage than Innova. So if someone have to choose between Arian and Innova, then Inova can be considered at first.

Sachin   2015-06-22

The Tata Aria that was launched in 2010 had some problems but then Tata re-launched its revamp model in 2014 which is equipped with all the advanced features that one can probably desire of. So if you are planning for a new car, the new Tata Aria is one good option. The Aria is pretty spacious. Plus the steering mounted audio controls helps you to hear your desired audio tracks without being distracted off the road. The advanced suspension system helps avoid the jerks in off road journey and an ABS system that provides efficient braking even on wet surfaces.

Pritam   2015-06-30

The Tata Aria was released as a competitor for the Toyota Innova and to establish Tata’s hold on the Indian market with the advanced features that the Aria carries. The price range for both the cars is quiet in the same range. But if you ask me to select one of them, then I would prefer the Aria as it exceed the Innova in terms of engine power, torque and the advanced technical features that the Aria has. So why settle for the second best when you can get the best in nearly the same price.

Mithilesh   2015-07-02

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