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How is the resale value of Tata Aria?

By: Huma khureshi on 7 june 2014

10 Answers:

Tata Aria was launched very recently by Tata Motors hence though you can find few of them in used car segment, the number of it available is very less. With the general onroad price of over 15 Lakhs for basic variant at the time of launch. There were very less number of units sold during earlier period of launching the car. However these days there is reduction in price of it. General resale value of Tata Aria ranges from 11 Lakhs onwards. Very rarely you can get offers for below 11Lkahs also. This is a cathcy point as it makes customers to think of going for used car or strainghtaway buy the new car. However if you are looking for advanced features and price reduction considerations then its really worth going for a used car.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-07

Tata Aria is one of the finest creations of Tata Motors. Very rarely you would find this car in the used car segment. The general on road price is 15 Lakh but in the year of lunch very few units are sold. Therefore, company decides to reduce the price. The general resale value of Tata Aria is around 11 lakh so if you are planning to resale your car then you can quote its range around 11 Lakh.

Nisha   2014-07-17

Tata aria is easily getting sold between 5 to 10 lacks range over the web or maybe through some dealers. I have seen some good deals over the internet around 6-7 lacks. Again it depends upon the condition of the vehicle. You can buy a good condition tata Aria 2011 or 2012 model in 5 to 6 lacks. Since very less pre-owned cars are available so 2013 Aria models can be bought aroung 8 to 9 lacks in good condition.

Garv   2015-06-03

Tata aria is a good buy and the resale value of the car is not so good. Aria models are available in 6 lacks range. So if a car being priced at 15 lacks rupees and getting sold in 6 lacks after 3-4 years obviously there is some issues. So double check before buying as due to fewer sales the spare parts availability and service will suffer obviously. This is one of the reasons it have less resale value.

Yash   2015-06-05

Agree with the above statement however Tata Aria is a good buy in terms of price and amenities it offers. It has a powerful engine of 2.2L as well as lot of safety and comfort features with a good fuel economy but due to fewer vehicles sold it is a flop model. After sales service is bad and spare parts availability is also not there. These reasons have made the resale value down.

Sahil   2015-06-06

Tata Aria is a good car and an outcome of Tata’s frustration over Mahindra XUV and Innova but the idea was not hit. So the sales are very limited even after having a feature packed vehicle and powerful and fuel efficient engine. So the resign behind the price drop and resale value drop is the same as written above. SO don’t pay much to save yourself regretting in future.

Nishul   2015-06-07

The resale value of Tata aria is between 6 to 8 lakhs approx. It also depends on many other factors like its condition, market trend etc. It can be sold through online sites or dealers. As many models are not available in the market, many people show interest in used ones also. So it’s a good deal to buy tata aria without thinking much about its resale value & channels of resale.

Arpan   2015-06-23

My opinion is different from the pre –writer. Although the resale price ranges around 6 to 8 lakhs but as compared to its original value it is very less. After using the car for 3 to 4 years if we are getting approx. around 40% to 50%, we need to think again before buying it. There is risk of high maintenance cost in case of used cars so people may not show interest also.

Subarto   2015-06-24

I agree with Shubrato but my reason is not same. The resale value is not as bad on internet as I have find out but availability of its spare parts is not so easy in the market. Due to which many people hesitate to spend on its resale value. So before buying Tata aria, one should think about chances of resale & resale value. The resale price is also a factor affecting its sale.

Shyamil   2015-06-25

The resale value gives an amount about 7 to 9 lakhs if it is in well condition. The interiors are so well designed that they don’t get affected in 3-4 years. After giving luxurious ride, such a resale value is not a bad deal at all. Features like strong engine, auto rain sensing wipers, European safety measures etc are worth in used cars at affordable price. These features attract buyers to move ahead for used Tata aria. According to me resale is not a matter of concern in such a good car.

Arman   2015-06-26

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