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How much money would my aria fetch when I sell it after a year?

By: Hakem on 11 september 2014

7 Answers:

Tata Aria was launched very recently by Tata Motors hence though you can find few of them in used car segment, the number of it available is very less. With the general onroad prce of over 15 Lakhs for basic variant at the time of launch. There were very less number of units sold during earlier period of launching the car. However these days there is reduction in price of it. General resale value of Tata Aria ranges from 11 Lakhs onwards. Very rarely you can get offers for below 11Lkahs also. This is a cathcy point as it makes customers to think of going for used car or strainghtaway buy the new car. However if you are looking for advanced features and price reduction considerations then its really worth going for a used car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-11

Basically it depends on how you used and maintained your car. Though its maintenance doesn’t require much cost but it should be done on timely basis. Usually, the resale value of this car is around 11 Lakh. So you can either sell it in 11 Lakh or below depending upon the condition of your car. Tata is one of the most trusted brands so you will easily get the customers to buy this car.

Poonam   2014-10-16

Tata Aria looks better than all of its rivals on the paper and in some compartments it is having couple of standout features as well. But the biggest question arises when we start talking about the resale value of a car. Tata Aria is not a successful model at all and it makes it cumbersome to get money by selling it. If you are going to sale your Aria after a year one can get the 20-30% depreciation based on the condition and number of kilometers it has done.

Keshav   2015-06-12

I am supporting the previous answer; the resale value of the Tata Aria is a concern, as successful models are always in demand and gives better value of resale. The rate of depreciation depends on several factors; out of them most important ones are the condition of the vehicle, and number of kilometers that have been finished with the vehicles as well as the utility of the vehicle. If you are dealing with luxury sedans, they always give a great deal. Expect a depreciation of 30 % minimum in case of a car like Aria.

Uday   2015-06-15

Yes true, The Tata Aria is better than Innova at certain segment like the ease of driving, engine, fuel economy and number of features but the similar cannot be expected at the time of resale. Nnova is always having a better resale value than the Aria; the only reason behind it is the success of the model in the market. I have seen online portals selling Aria at 6-7 Lac of rupees after 3-4 years. So one can expect what kind of deal they are going to get.

Jai   2015-06-16

I am not ageing what has been said in above answers. The Arai is having a bunch of great features inside the vehicle. It is having almost the best number of futures when compared to the same class vehicles. But still the SUV didn’t do well for the company and have not been a successful at all. These factors lead to unavailability of spare, service and popularity of the vehicle. So the resale value dropped as well.

John   2015-06-18

Your words are satisfactory, and I appreciate your thoughts. The Tat Aria is having a lot of problems, mitigating the same Toyota Innova become the most selling MPV, i.e. the service. The service network of Tata is everywhere but it lacks on the service quality and customer satisfaction. Second Aria is a flop model, so at the same time if you buy you have to expend a lot over the service, spare parts. Resale value of Tata Aria is not good; one can expect a price of 8-9 Lac after a year.

ARavinder   2015-06-20

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