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By: Varsha on 24 december 2014

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Since you asked me about reliability I would focus more on the safety features. In terms of stability, it has got disk brakes with ABS on all the four wheels, electronic stability control and traction control.The car seems very reliable and is built on a strong chassis than is rugged. For the price, this car is definately a pick.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-24
The new Tata Aria is very reliable as it is packed with loads of safety features. It was constructed not only for smooth Indian roads but also for rough ones. It has a hydro-forming forming frame made of metals shaped into lightweight but architecturally firm and strong parts which makes Tata Aria a safe vehicle to drive. It comes with 6 full surround airbags which is a first in Indian cars. Apart from airbags, it is equipped with seat belt pre-tensioners which help prevent the torso from moving forward in case of a frontal crash. This new innovation in car technology has proved that Tata Aria is a good choice when it comes to providing safety and hence very reliable to drive.
Aadan   2015-01-13

By natures, I am a drifter and I also do not know where I’ll be the next moment and that is why my car faces a lot due to my cynical nature. I take it where I love it and it never let me down as it is a very powerful vehicle in terms of performance. Its agility never goes down be it rough, muddy or hilly roads. The mileage of the car is also a fascinating part and it really makes me feel blessed whenever I drive my Pleasure 4x2 variant of Aria.

Atif   2015-02-19

Tata Aria packs a highly reliable 4 cylinder 2.2-litre VARICOR Diesel Engine that delivers 147.94bhp power and 320Nm torque. Its rigid body construction and robust built make it a lightweight yet solid vehicle. Also, it comes with variety of safety and security features that makes it more reliable on road. It has got all disc breaking system, 6 full surround airbags with pre-tensioners and Anti-Breaking System with eBD. Overall, Tata aria is highly reliable whether its highways or hills or bumpy roads.

Somansh   2015-06-03

The new Tata Aria is extremely reliable as it is filled with many safety features. It was built for both rough as well as smooth roads. It has a hydro-forming casing made of metals produced into lightweight however architecturally concrete and tough parts which build Tata Aria a safe car to drive. It has 6 full surround airbags that is a first in Indian cars. It is equipped with seat belt pre-tensioners which help avoid the chest from moving front in case of a anterior crash. This new improvement has declared that Tata Aria is an excellent choice.

Simar   2015-06-25

The Tata Aria is the first crossover from the house of Tata, it combines the features of a multi utility vehicle with the performance of an SUV, and hence reliability and safety had to be a big focus for Tata on this. As expected from the high price tag, features like ABS with EBD assist, top notch suspension on both the front and rear wheels that are crucial to any reliable vehicle have been fitted on this vehicle. Tata promises delivery and long term functionality on the Aria, it is looking as one of the most reliable utility vehicles currently in the market.

Kanishk   2015-07-16

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