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Im confused between Tata Aria and Toyota Innova. Which would be a better catch?

By: Nishigandha on 9 december 2014

4 Answers:

Tata Aria is definately a great choice. It has a better ride quality than the Innova, it has more power and it looks better. However in terms of space it is not much different but the Aria does not meet the same standards of quality as the Toyota Innova. That would be the deciding factor, plus an expensive car with a Tata badge is not very appealing. But you do get a lot of nice features in the car and you get a car that is more fun to drive.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-09

The Toyota Innova has been a success and boasts of several features that many cars would be envious of. However, the Tata Aria is not one of them. The most significant highlight of the Innova is its space and comfort, which are both provided in abundance in the Tata Aria. The Aria also boasts of several qualities which are generally found in very expensive cars. The Innova definitely had its golden era in terms of popularity, but the Tata Aria is a great choice, especially if you like to drive around quite a bit.

Rama   2014-10-24

Comparing Tata Innova and Tata Aria based on the same parameters is practically a bit difficult as Innova scores over Aria in some respects and Aria has more edge over Innova in certain areas. If you judge the engine power then Aria will definitely scope over Innova because it comprises of a 2.2 liter engine. Overall dimension of Aria is comparatively more than that of Innova. Again, parameters like seating capacity, transmission type, drive terrain, power steering, power window, and fuel type of both the cars, anti lock braking system have same specifications for both the cars. However, while the central locking system in Aria is remote controlled, it is manually operated in Innova. Again, the maximum power of Aria, which is 147 @ 4000, is higher than Innova, which is 101 @ 3600. Similarly, the maximum torque of Aria is 320 @ 1500, which is higher than 200 @ 1200 offered by Tata Innova. Again, Innova comprises of allow wheels and overall quality of Tata Innova is slightly greater than that of Tata Aria.

Shobna   2014-11-14

Toyata Innova is one of the most popular MUVs in India. Because of its utmost comfort, space and looks, Innova is extensively used as a Taxi. Comparing Innova with Tata aria, Tata aria has more power - both torque and power is higher, looks premium and is more spacious than Innova. Considering the base variants that cost almost same, Innova lacks some mandatory features like power windows. You get remote controlled Central locking system in Aria while in Innova it is manually operated. However, higher variants of Innova are pretty good both comfort and convenience wise and overall interior feels premium, but you have to pay little more. 

Rohan   2015-06-02

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