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Why Tata Aria has not recived good attention?

By: mounik on 17 june 2015

9 Answers:

Hello Mounik !!

Tata Aria is a crossover SUV by the Tata Motors India. It was launched on 5 January 2010 at the Auto Expo at Delhi. TaTa Aria serves as a MPV, Sedan and also serves the functions of SUV. This MPV has not much seeked attention of people and was a fail by Tata Motors, it was also mainly because Tata Motors launched the XUV 500 in 2011, which gained great success, and both these vehicles are powered by the same engine, so people chose the XUV 500, because of its dynamic looks and styling.


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-06-17

From the house of Tata Motors India, the Tata Aria is a crossover SUV. At the 2010 Auto Expo at Delhi, this SUV was launched. But since the launch of this car, it has not received good attention of people. The main causes can be looks, styling and comfort level of the car. The car has such a powerful engine that delivers power of 138 BHP at 4000 rpm but it has a timid look and lacks boldness. In 2011, Mahindra launched the XUV 500 which has the same engine and same features but in addition to these, it has a stunning and bold look also.

Noman   2015-06-24

Tata Aria is a crossover having very good design and features as well as a very good engine inside. But after all Aria is not very popular between peoples. The reason behind it is the rivals Crossovers like Innova. Innova is an undoubted winner in the market with having a great market share and best quality engine, exterior and interior. But I think, Aria still need to be successful in the market.

Jayant   2015-07-16

I am agreeing with the statement, Tata Aria is having more features than any other vehicle in the segment. The price has been kept to the best level where there is no other rival offering the same price and specs. The car is very secure with a lot of safety and security features as well as the design is also very good. But ARIA is still not very popular and experts consider it as a flop model because of the monopoly of the rivals in the segment.

Mustafa   2015-07-18

I am not agreeing with the same I have been using the Tata bolt from last 1 year and I have done with 6 services so far as my usage are high. The fact is that 22 KMPL is a myth and Bolt never reaches even nearby to that mileage figure. The maximum I have seen so far on the Tata Bolt is 17 KMPL over the highways and 15 in the city. So nothing is going to be changed after getting services done.

Sojal   2015-07-20

Yes dear, your figures of 15 and 17 KMPL looks to be relevant. But what my calculation says it does not cross 14 KMPL over the highways. May be I am wrong as I have never put a lot of stress on the mileage part. But what I sensed is it gives something nearby to 14-15 KMS per liter. Guys you should never trust the mileage figure given by ARAI. So even if you’re Bolt gives a mileage of 20 KMPL then that is also great.

Yoginder   2015-07-22

I do agree even a mileage of 20 KMPL would be more than expected, the Bolt I have given a mileage of 15-17 over the highways, that means in the city it will come down more. I have a question in this regard when companies put the mileage figure whether that is included with AC or not as after running AC your mileage figure will come down a lot than what we are specifying.

Raja   2015-07-24

I too often wonder the same why this car is not seen on roads as it is an exceptional car with all the features. I totally love the car and this car is best in its class with the lowest price. I wouldn’t trade it for a BMW too if possible.

ankur thakur   2015-08-03

I guess because people do not believe in the TATA company anymore. There are a lot of cheaper and better cars than this out on the road that because TATA does not do that class work anymore that it used to. The era of TATA is slowly dieing now a days.

prem ratan   2015-08-04

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