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What is the fuel tank capacity of Tata bolt?

By: khetain on 20 february 2015

2 Answers:

Tata bolt can carry 44 litres of fuel in its tank. The advantage of 44 Liter tank is more on diesel avatar because with diesel motor you will receive better fuel economy, but if you have picked petrol motor of Tata bolt then 44 Liter tank is not a good option because fuel economy is slightly lagging behind if we compare it with the diesel avatar which indirectly results in lighten you wallet. But overall big tank is of great use on long rides.
TeamAutoportal   2015-02-20

Usually, Tata Bolt holds 44 lit fuel in its tank but this can be more advantageous for diesel avatar in comparison to the petrol avatar. With the diesel motor you can attain better fuel economy but in petrol motor this 44 lit tank capacity is not sufficient enough. It can further raise your expenses. Overall it has a big tank so it would be a good choice for the long rides.

Akshay   2015-03-03

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