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What is the acceleration of Tata bolt?

By: Hiresh on 2015-09-02

3 Answers:

According to me if you put hot Hatchback tag to this car then engine under the hood is there to prove this tag with its amazing REVOTRON engine technology which allows driver to receive maximum performance. When drive hit the sports mode he can feel the change in engine behavior as RPM lasts more and provides good gear ratio. The best part about the performance of Tata Bolt is that it just take 6.3 seconds to hit 100 km/hr from 0km/h and continuous acceleration allows drive to achieve good three digit speed. Overall Tata hatchback shows good acceleration.
TeamAutoportal    2015-09-02

It has an amazing REVOTRON engine technology that delivers maximum performance. While driving, you will feel the change in the engine behavior. It turns to more RPM and delivers good gear ratio. The best part is that, its continuous acceleration lets to attain great speed. It can achieve 100Km/hr in just 6.3 seconds which is really awesome. The performance of Tata Bolt is no doubt matchless. In short, this car delivers good acceleration.

Nishikant    2015-20-02

The acceleration of Tata Bolt is pretty quick on paper. It has an all new revotron engine which has different driving modes installed. The fastest one and the best performing one is the sports mode. In this mode, the car can accelerate from a standstill to 100kmph in just 7.3 seconds. this is mainly because of the changed gear ratios which let the rpms last more in a particular gear and thus gives more power delivery to the wheels, ultimately resulting in lightning acceleration.

Ankit    2015-08-05

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