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What is the mileage of bolt arai and HIGWAY both ?

By: santhosh kumar m on 2015-26-04

7 Answers:

Hello Santhosh Kumar 

The. ARAI claimed mileage for petrol version is 17.57kmpl. For diesel version its 22.9kmpl. In actual usage mileage would be less than claimed mileages You can relay upon around 16kmpl average in petrol and 20kmpl in diesel.

Kabir    2015-29-04

Tata Bolt is one of the multi-utility vehicles that have been launched by Tata Motors so far. On an average, all the models and versions of Bolt offer an approximate mileage of 23.00 kmpl in both cities and highways. To be more specific, the petrol version of Bolt Arai offers an approximate mileage of 18kmpl, while the mileage offered by the diesel version is slightly higher and is around 22.9 kmpl. On the other hand, the mileage offered by the petrol version of Bolt Highway is somewhere around 16 kmpl. Just like the diesel version of Bolt Arai, the mileage given by Bolt Highway diesel version is around 20 kmpl.

Team Autoportal    2015-09-04

Tata Bolt is one of the prettiest looking small wagon in Tata family. It has got a refreshed and sportier look that aims to change Tata’s image. With 1248 cc diesel engine, the hatchback claims 22.95 kmpl highway mileage. You can easily manage the mileage of 18 kmpl in city. On the other hand, petrol variants provides slightly less average i.e around 18 kmpl on highways and 14.2 kmpl in city. Though the actual average is lesser than what company claims but you can always work on good mileage by stable driving and by maintaining constant speed.

Deevak    2015-09-06

The ARAI mileage of Tata bolt petrol version is around 17.57 KMPL and diesel version is 22.95 KMPL but it is not the truth. The Tata bolt petrol versions gives a mileage of 13 in cities and 15 over highways. At the same time diesel engines are much better than petrol version here as it gives a mileage of 17 in the cities and 20 over the highways. Again mileage is a factor that is much influenced by driving habits additionally due to engine it may vary.

Shamitabh    2015-13-06

Tata Bolt comes with revotron 1.2L engine in petrol variants there is a big ups and downs. It has three modes city, sports and eco where engine has different capacities so different mileage comes out also. In sport mode obvious as engine has more power so less mileage and so on. But I always like diesel engines as they have a bigger mileage figures on their board. Always better than the petrol siblings at least.

Dhanush    2015-15-06

I am agree with the above statements, Tata Bolt have several hiccups in mileage specilally on petrol engine. If you drive in eco mode then engine will give a mileage of 15, so guys think about the powerful modes. Jesus, they have worst mileage figure over the petrol engine. The ARAI have given a mileage of 17 what nobody can get, don’t know how they get that much. Diesel engines are decent on mileage as I heard.

Ashwani    2015-16-06

Tata Bolt is having worst mileage in the segment. First I don’t like their cars faces, All looks like Indica. An ARAI standard says a mileage of 17.57 but you will never get even 14 on petrol engine. ARAI standard given a mileage of 22.95 but that is also not a reality. I am a car dealer and know about the car well. It will never deliver what has been promised by Tata and ARAI.

Rudr    2015-18-06

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