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Does the airconditioning system affect the fuel consumption or does it run off the battery / electricity?

By: Lixa on 2015-07-11

6 Answers:

Running the car's airconditining affect the overall mileage and pickup of the car since it runs directly on engine power and not using a battery or eletricity. The fuel consumption increases slightly when you use the air conditioner.

Suyansh    2015-07-11

There is a little change in the mileage and the fuel consumption on the downside on using the AC but it is nothing major so as to avoid using the AC at all. You can always consider one of the other options to increase mileage than to drive in discomfort.

Akshit Kataria    2015-12-11

The AC does not affect the mileage of running the vehicle at all. I know this and have tested it too. The AC I don’t know how it runs on battery or fuel but my car always gives same mileage so I always keep the AC on even in winters.

Aakash Khanna    2015-14-11

I understand that you are not at all belonging to the mechanical engineering background and hence do not know the answer of this basic question. Yes running the AC does always affect the mileage in one way or the other. The AC gets its power from the engine which uses fuel.

Mahabir Singh    2015-16-11

Obviously the AC affects the mileage of the car sir. The AC directly is attached to crankshaft of the vehicle which is run by fuel. And if you out more load on the crankshaft by using the AC and engaging the pulley it will consume more amount of fuel than without AC.

Jatin Bhist    2015-17-11

Any good mechanical engineer or mechanic for that case can tell you that the AC running always affects the mileage of the car. Without the AC running you can always get better mileage so it is wise not the use the AC or anything else whenever it is not required.

Sonu Choudhary    2015-24-11

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