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I have Tata Bolt petrol car, it delivers me a mileage of 10.2 kmpl with AC on. How can I improve its mileage?

By: Anand Kumar on 2017-16-05

1 Answers:

The ARAI certified mileage of Tata Bolt petrol is 17.57 kmpl while as per user reviews it delivers around 12-13 kmpl mileage in real world conditions, so you can improve your car’s mileage by 2-3 kmpl, here are some tips:

• Do not accelerate too hard and drive at the optimum speed, not exceeding about 60-70 kmph.
• Do not use clutch too much.
• Always drive in correct gear as incorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption.
• Do not Switch on AC while turning on the Ignition. Especially during summers, the car develops greenhouse effect and hot air gets cloaked in the cabin. It unnecessarily loads in the compressor hence results in more fuel consumption. Always, get the window down and switch on in fan mode for the first 2 minutes. Get on to AC, only after 2 minutes - so that entire hot air goes out of the car.
• Drive with the optimal tyre pressure.
• On the highway, keep the windows rolled up and use the AC – as using the AC actually consumes less fuel than having the windows rolled down as the air resistance increases with windows down and decreases fuel economy.
• Switch off the engine if you are going to be idle for more than a minute.
• Use recommended engine oil, thicker engine oil can cause a 2% increase in fuel consumption.
• Get your car regularly serviced, keeping air filter, spark plug, fuel filter and injectors clean.

Varun    2017-16-05

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