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The cooling of my Tata Hexa air conditioner is not effective, how can I improve it?

By: Anil Mittal on 2017-30-03

1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons for a car’s air conditioner not cooling properly, here are some suggestions to improve air-conditioning efficiency:

• Check air filters to ensure they are clean as dirty filters slow air circulation. If dirty, first clean them. If that still doesn’t improve cooling, replace them with new filters.

• Over time, dirt, debris and other junk gets stuck around your a/c condenser. To improve a/c performance, you should clean your condenser unit twice a year at least.

• When you start driving the car, don’t immediately turn on the AC. Instead, roll down all the windows, turn the AC control to fresh air mode and switch on only the blower. Switch on the AC only after two minutes and then roll up the car’s windows. Switch the AC to recirculation mode – it will cool faster as it recalculates interior air, instead of having to cool fresh air from outside.

• Do not accelerate quickly, when you stomp on the accelerator, you are taking away the power needed for the AC to run efficiently, so accelerate gradually and this will keep the ac running as normal.

• Make sure that your car is shaded by either some natural means such as overhead trees or by installing a cover over it to block the sun’s heat.

Hope, these things would help to improve the efficiency of your car’s AC, if not then get the AC checked with your local Tata Motors service centre.

Ganesh    2017-30-03

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