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User review on Tata Hexa written by Prasad G Thomas on 10 June 2017

Year of Manufacture : 2017 | Driven no. of Kms. : 1400

  • Overall
    Overall rating: 4.50
  • Exterior
    Overall rating: 4
  • Suspension
    Overall rating: 5
  • Comfort
    Overall rating: 5
  • Safety
    Overall rating: 4
  • Pros: First and foremost. It is from House of Tata, a company that follows ethical business model with commendable CSR initiatives and is in business of building automobiles for years. Good technical support and after sales service. Take up an issue with Tata Motors, you have a resolution. Value for money including cost of ownership. Good for Indian roads and driving habits. A company where one of the best world brand JLR made its home.
  • Cons: Tata always come up with excellent and innovative designs. But when it comes to putting together the design concept, you have this irritating quality issues arising from the perceptions of fit and finish concept the people in the production line follow. May be it is the cultural influence supporting the chalega attitude.
Could it have been made better? Of course yes , then how much better? I have asked this question to myself after test driving the car for about 300 kilometers and rescinded to the fact that HEXA is certainly a well built vehicle. Comparing HEXA with any other vehicle in the market is probably a futile attempt probably because Hexa fits in a different segment. May be I am habituated with TATA motors design concepts. Hexa is my fourth Tata SUV-MPV since my first Safari in 1999. I am pretty well convinced that HEXA is something Tata Motors have put their heart and soul in to. It is something for a driver to experience the design concept rather than the usual bells and whistles some like to relate to quality and convenience. I think what one should be doing is explore the cars overall behavior, safety reserves, road presence, riding comfort and the contemporary design that makes the car stand out from the stereotype designs. To me, a cars worth is not its resale value or silky smooth gears alone, but the feeling of interacting with pure mechanical elements. Hydraulic assist and automation are good and Electronics helps, yet, the thrill of taming a beast is something soft cushioned vehicles cannot claim. Feel how well the seats support you. I do not think any cars in this range or the models often compared with have a seat that provides excellent thigh support. The steering and directional stability is at par with best European cars. The feel is essentially German. I am also driving a SKODA OCTAVIA TSI Automatic I and my family all prefer Hexa to the ARIA, which I still drive and OCTAVIA. 19-inch wheel is a big boon to the pot holed roads we are forced to live with. Yet, all is not well, then, can man ever make something absolutely perfect?. If Tata Motors plant, quality control and the marketing team spend a little time asking themselves if they have done their job right with passion and if they are serious about the answers they get, we are going to see a huge line of customers waiting to own a HEXA. I am sure this will happen because there are customers who have begun to appreciate the vehicle. But I wonder if Tata Motors have really got that customer excitement, trust in the brand name and sentiments in the right spirit rather than choosing to remain complacent or resting on own laurels. Small things that make one upset are the fineness they miss. There was no need to send out a car of this posture with irritants. The infotainment system could have been a lot better with a couple of thousands rupees. I am comparing this with OCTAVIA. The tonal adjustments on the music system are not effective. The bass and mid range could have been optimised for a much better listening pleasure without having to up the volume level and endure distortion. CONECTNEXT app may be good, but ANDROID AUTO could have given the user a better experience, especially the navigation. NAVIMAP is not bad, but when it comes to village roads and alternative routes, it can make your life miserable. The user manuals of the car and the infotainment system needs urgent review for serving the purpose it is made for.

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