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How is the built quality of Tata Indica eV2?

By: Amog on 2015-13-06

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Hello Amog !!

The overall build quality of the Tata India eV2 is not at all good, the interiors are made of cheap plastics, the dashboard of the car is also not nicely designed. Some of the components inside gets easily broken and had to be replaced then. The music system in the Indica eV2 is also giving problems, and many times they are coming defected. This is a huge problem in Tata cars, and it is there in almost all the Tata cars. So they should take care of this problem atleast.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal    2015-13-06

Built quality is the section where you will not find lack of words for Tata. The main reason behind that is the bad engineering on design and consumer taste sense but the main reason is to make the cheapest cars. The Tata Indica EV2 is one of the cheapest car available till now on diesel. Tata always takes these kinds of challenges and Tata is the one who gave a car to people in one Lac but people still have complaints on the same.

Lavlesh    2015-02-07

I am agreeing on the same, the plastic used inside or the exterior design is not good because Tata is not having enough cost to put into the same as the price is most challenging in the Indian market. So the company must have to cut the cost in making the car to meet the price. Tata I not there for any charity people, they have to make money in the same price and cost so the quality has to come down. So Tata has managed to cut the cost by using low quality materials inside.

Nizam    2015-03-07

I am agreeing too, Tata is India’s biggest car manufacturing company and gave car like Nano in a budget of one Lac at a time. So getting a liter car on diesel in at the cost of 4.5 Lac is not easy. But at the same time the quality of materials in case of Tata Indica the interior quality is very bad and intolerable. The exterior is so freaky looking. So please think of Indica as a taxi or scrap car and so.

Anupam    2015-06-07

I am not agreeing on the same, when the Indica series cars have been launched it was a good car at that time as cars were not that much classy and modern like we have now a days. So, people were liking cars which has been robust, sturdy and mileage. But the mistake that Tata have made is they haven’t got changed with time. So their quality and engineering got old with time.

Shekhar    2015-08-07

My views are different than this, Tata haven’t got changed them at all, and they are making the same car and believe in bad quality. Don’t just think about Indica take any other car of Tata you will find the same mistake. But we have seen some good cars in terms of Zest and Bolt and some others are in the pipeline already. So Indica V2 quality id very bad we know already and hoping to have an update very soon as India does not want to lose most fuel efficient car of the time.

Mohit    2015-10-07

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