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How are the Interiors of Tata Indigo ECS?

By: Badal on 2014-20-12

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9 Answers:

The interiors of Indigo eCS though feel a little bit like Indica but the beige tone has the exclusivity. It has ample space for its occupants, be it the front row or the rear. There is an optional half or full fabric upholstery. The dashboard is nicely laid and is extended till the parking brake. The AC is present with heater systems and so is all windows power handling. Also the petrol version gets a clutch to start function and driving assist systems.

R. Sharma    2014-20-12

Tata Indigo eCS cabin follows the basic interior specifications like decent air conditioner with heater system which helps in creating environment inside the cabin. Tata Indigo ekes interior comes with full fabric or leather upholstery option. The cabin of Tata Indigo ekes is well spacious for passengers which becomes useful for all long road trips. The entertainment system of this sedan is reasonable and acceptable as it comes with door speakers and cardboard speakers fixed over the top of boot.

Chauhan    2015-08-01

The interiors of Tata Indigo eCS feature anti acoustic chamber, premium dual tone interior color, theater dimming lighting, center console with premium finish, Octa instrument cluster, front power outlet, coin and pen holder in the glove box, tachometer, a four spoke steering wheel and a vanity mirror that is installed on the side of the CD’s driver. However, there are certain features of the interiors that are specific to the specific model of Indica eCS. For instance, while the seats of GLX BS4 and CVX BS4 are fully fabric coated, the GLS BS4 has partially fabric coated interiors. Again, only the GVX BS4 model features leather wrapping on the steering wheel. Again, Antiglare IRVM is not present in GLS BS4.

Team Autoportal    2015-15-01

I think the interior of Indigo eCS are very specific to the model. My desire for good interior car is fulfilled. It’s a stable car, the moment you get into the car you will feel the difference, and interiors are unlike but classy with seats coated with fabric and excellent sitting arrangement, spacious leg room and back seat can accommodate at least 3 people comfortably. It’s perfect for middle class family.

Sameer    2015-30-01

I also believe that Indigo eCS is a stable car, it offers excellent interior that attract more buyers. I think the car is very spacious as compare to other cars of this segment. The interior of the car really works in the favor of Indigo eCS. It is fuel efficient and affordable car with loads of features in this range. Indigo eCS is really good to drive and is very progressive.

Dheeraj    2015-31-01

For me looks and performance equally matters. The car should be a great value for the money and Indigo eCS is the car that makes you feel good everytime you look at the car. Manufacturers have paid attention on every tangible and intangible thing to make it more attractive. The psychology for Indigo eCS is it’s a “full family car” with ample boot space that delivers excellent performance with great comfort.

Pranit    2015-01-02

The interior of Indigo ecs is decorated with high-quality dual tone colored fabric. The five seater sedan is spacious enough, front seats being completely adjustable and rear seats could fit 3 persons easily. Legroom is enough so is the headroom. Tata has redesigned front console with a premium finish that looks elegant. You will get theatre style dimming interior light in all the variants. Another new addition includes 4 spoke steering wheel and pen holder in glove box that gives utility convenience.

Sushil    2015-02-06

Tata Indigo eCS compartment pursue the fundamental interior qualifications like upright air conditioner with heater system which assist in creating atmosphere inside the compartment. Indigo eCS interior comes with full textile or leather upholstery alternative. The compartment of Tata Indigo eCS is well roomy for travellers, which becomes helpful for all long road journeys. The entertainment arrangement of this sedan is rational and satisfactory as it comes with door speakers and cardboard speakers fixed over the top of wader. Overall, it is safe to say that the car has all the necessities that one can possible want in a car.

Nitya    2015-18-06

The interior of this car Tata Indigo ECS is certainly amazing. The Tata Indigo's interior looks like the interior of a premium sedan. It has got a wonderful dual tone design and really good wood finishing as well. There is enough space for five people in the car. The car is designed in beige and it has a long dashboard as well. The instrument panel looks really good as well which shows its class, also there is a decent boot space. The car even has enough features like cup holders, change holders, ticket holders, etc. so that people can store essential items.

Sarthak    2015-14-07

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