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Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Reviews (12)

Economical car

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sanjay on 03 August 2014
The exclusive Tata Indigo XL options a noble interior, interior is accumulated same in each the variants of all new tata indigo except many changes like grand acquires a seat upholstery in beige animal skin and soft feel whereas classic version has premium material of seat upholstery and beige rexine...  Read More »

Good on mileage

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lavanya on 04 August 2014
While depcting the automobile, apperance of exterior of Tata Indigo XL is unbroken in mind therefore contemplated to form it stylo, each the bumpers front and rear square measure body coloured with ball formed front fog lamps, new multi facial reflector headlamps square measure attributed for higher...  Read More »

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Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Overview

With its elongated wheelbase and comfortable ride, the Indigo XL was the only car under Rs 10 lakh worthy of a 'limousine' tag. Based on the same platform as the Indigo, which in turn was based on Tata Indica, the Indigo XL shared the underpinnings with the other members of the Indica/Indigo family. Much before the existence of cars like the Tata Manza, the Indigo XL was the only luxurious passenger car offering in Tata's line up, bar the Safari, of course.
Based on the Indigo, it was filled with the goodness of Tata Indigo to the brim: space and comfort. And although Tata was still improving its products, but in comparison to the current full size sedan Manza, the Indigo XL is certainly not anywhere close in terms of quality. The extra price over the Indigo (and the added length) wasn't as exciting as it sounds, and the Indigo XL didn't find too many takers.Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Overview

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Exterior

The Indica was designed by the Idea Institute of design, Italy, and all other products (Indigo/Indigo Marina/Indigo XL/Indigo CS) followed the same design philosophy, but got an added boot and extended wheelbase in case of the Indigo XL.
On the front, it looks exactly like the Indigo, except the added premium look which the use of chrome imparts. While the design is similar to what you would see on an Indigo, this one's just a bit more premium. Coming to the sides, this is where it's easy to distinguish the Indigo XL from the rest of the range, thanks to the extended wheelbase. It could have been a better looker, but does the job. The rear section gets large tail-lamps that stand out. The overall design is very similar to the car it's based on, but thanks to the increased length and added design elements, the XL stands out.Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Exterior

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Interior

Now this is where Tata excels. The extended wheelbase version of the Indigo was made to give more space to the occupants, and it does indeed. The dashboard layout is the same as what you would find on regular Indica/Indigo, but much like the exterior, here are certain additions that make the XL stand out.
The quality has been upped, and it looks more premium than its less-equipped brethren. Get to the rear seat, and the difference becomes visible. The added legroom, a separate AC vent at the rear, and the comfortable rear bench add up to what was once the most luxurious (and spacious) rear seat on the right side of Rs 10 lakh. Apart from the huge legroom that we are talking about here, the head and shoulder room is impressive as well. Also, to complement the whole spaciousness inside, the car comes with a large boot as well.Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Interior

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Engine & Transmission

The Indigo XL was offered with in three engine options, one BS-III TDI diesel, and two BSIV-compliant Bi-fuel (Petrol + CNG) and CR4 diesel engines. Out of the three, the one that makes the most sense is the CR4 diesel, thanks to a better drivability, and the usual frugal nature of diesel engines.
The Bi-fuel version is a good option too, as it has the goodness of the petrol engine (low noise, better refinement) and the efficiency of CNG. The Indica family has always been known for good efficiency (especially the diesels), and the Indigo XL brings all that and adds some premium feel to it. All three engines came with 5-speed manual gearboxes (5-forward and 1-reverse). The quality of shifts was just about okay, and nowhere close to the feel (and positive shifts) of the current gearboxes. If you are planning to use the Indigo XL as a chauffeur-driven vehicle, then that won't matter to you, but if you are planning to drive it, then the gearshifts could be a bit of a letdown.

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Mileage

On the efficiency front, the Indigo XL charms as much as it does on the space it offers. The ARAI Fuel efficiency figures for the CR4 diesel engined vehicle is 20.52kmpl, 20.37km/kg for the Bifuel engine when run in CNG mode, and 19.61kmpl for the TDI engine. Travelling in comfort isn't as expensive as it sounds!

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Braking and Safety

With the added weight and length, the Indigo XL needs good braking power as well. The disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear work in conjunction to stop the limousine in time. The overall feel is just about okay, but brakes work fine. Lack of ABS is worrying though.
On the safety front, it's again a mixed bag for the car, as the only safety features available on it are passive ones. There's no ABS or EBD, which is concerning since the vehicle is long, and dropping momentum at a quick rate could be a bit alarming. There are child locks, anti-submarine seats and collapsible steering column. There's also an engine immobilizer as well, apart from the regular door and seat-belt warning indicators.

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Performance and Handling

This car is made to enjoy the rear seat comfort, but does that mean it's not a great thing to drive? Well, partly yes. It's not a great experience, slightly crude, and not enthusiastic in any way. Adding to the misery is the car's added length, which is great for space and comfort but doesn't help in driving.
Having said that, the stability of the vehicle is decent, and shouldn't be a problem on long drives. The car isn't a performance oriented sedan, and expecting it to go quick around corners would be wrong. Performance from the engines is acceptable, but what matters here is the ride quality, and the Indigo XL clearly wins hearts with the superb ride quality. It can glide over potholes well, and won't trouble the rear seat passengers a bit. The suspension tuned for ride comfort works well, and that's what the car is all about, isn't it?

What do we think about Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011)?

It still makes sense for its rear seat comfort and space. Added options like rear AC vents help its case even further. So, if you can find a decent example, this could very well be your next purchase. Provided you aren't looking for an enthusiasts-oriented car, because the Indigo XL clearly isn't.

Tata Indigo XL (2007-2011) Competitors

Since Tata Motors doesn't sell the car anymore, the only option is the used car market. A lot of them were (and still are used as Taxis), and you should steer clear of those vehicles. A decently maintained version of the car should do what it originally intended to, but at a lesser cost.

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