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Note: The cars which may or may not get launched in the near future in India. These cars usually are sold outside India, and are showcased in India to see the response of public.


Tata Megapixel Overview

The Tata Motors Megapixel is the most-awaited hybrid hatchback car to be launched in India. The innovative ’India Global’ concept has given an impressive image for the car with elegant styling of the exteriors. The front bumper, the sleek styling of the headlights and the Tata logo at the centre with chrome grilles get the impression of a truly global car. The panoramic roof with sharp design of the windshield and bonnet, and the smart styling of the dickey door and taillights enhances the classy image created by the cute design for the car.
Tata Megapixel Overview
The availability of power at four wheels and the superior hybrid technology have enhanced the range of distance coverage and it is expected to reach a top speed of 110 kmph under standard road conditions. The maximum utilization of compact design is achieved with utility features, and the double sliding door system assures easy entry and exit of the passengers.

Tata Megapixel Exterior

Tata Megapixel Exterior

Tata Megapixel Interior

The Tata Megapixel interiors would feature superior quality of fit and finish, and smart features with comfortable seating of four occupants. The instrument cluster will have a touch screen command centre displaying key parameters of the vehicle.
Tata Megapixel Interior

Tata Megapixel Engine & Transmission

This would be the perfect hybrid vehicle featuring electric drive with four electric wheel motors delivering 10 KW power at each wheel and an auxiliary power unit of single-cylinder 325 cc petrol engine with power of 22 KW. A maximum of 500 Nm torque is expected at each wheel. The inductive charge system with a capacity to charge up to 80 percent in 30 minutes is used for continuous supply of power.

Tata Megapixel Mileage

The single-cylinder engine would be capable of delivering 100 kmpl under combined driving mode. If run on battery charge only, up to 87 km is expected to be covered in one complete charge. A combination of full tank of petrol and the efficient supply of charge from the battery system would enable the car to cover more than 900 km under standard road conditions.
Tata Megapixel Mileage

What do we think about Tata Megapixel?

This is the most-advanced hybrid car that can be expected in India in near future. It is going to feature first-of-its-kind performance factors of covering more than 900 km with one complete set of fuel and battery charge. The permanent all-wheel drive mode with a circle radius of 2.8 m can really boost up the spirit of driving in congested city traffic conditions as well as on long drives. The compact dimensions and short turning radius would be accompanied by parking assist system for easy parking of the car in narrow space. The latest-in-technology feature of ‘hands on connectivity’ via touch-screen display with the smartphone access to online world integrated infotainment system would give control over the key functions of the vehicle and entertainment system. The combination of advanced features, performance parameter of long-lasting battery charge, recharge on the go, and intelligent driving and comfort features would assure a pleasant driving experience.The Tata Motors Megapixel price range can be expected at around 2-5 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi).Tata Motors Megapixel can be expected by End 2017.

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*All information provided for this model is for reference only. Actual specifications may vary at the time of the car launch

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (8)

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  • Where are the gears located in the Tata Megapixel?

    shahnawaz    2018-12-08

    As the Tata Megapixel is a future concept car hence, nothing can be said about the gears or anything as there is no news of it.   Read More

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  • What is the maximum speed we can achieve in this car?

    Jagan maharana    2018-10-23

    Tata Megapixel is a compact 4 seater hybrid vehicle meant for the daily city run like office commute of picking up children from school or grocery shopping. Megapixel is powered by a single cylinder 330cc engine and motor drive capability to drive 80km in a single charge can attain speed up to 60-70...  Read More

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