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Which is better among Tata Nano and Hyundai Eon?

By: Uma Lehri on 2 october 2014

4 Answers:

Tata Nano has 700 cc two cylinder engine delivering power of 38PS where as Hyundai Eon has 814 cc engine delivering power of 56PS power.Its way ahead of the Tata Nano in all parameters. Starting from engine power to interior space and boot space. You can take Hyundai Eon to much longer trips as compared to that ot Tata Nano. Also the price of Eon is much higher as compared to Tata Nano. Nano has advantage of being a best mileage car with economical price. If regulsr usage is for city then Nano would be a good selection.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-02

The Nano from Tata is a car that has been primarily targeted at the Indian masses. It has been priced very reasonably and makes it the most affordable hatchback in the Indian market. Compared to the Nano, the Eon from Hyundai is a car that is priced much higher. Along with the higher price, the Eon also packs in more powerful features. The Eon is recommended if you need to do a lot of driving. For daily use in order to travel to work or pick up the kids from school, the Tata Nano is the car to buy.

Jitender   2014-11-22

Tata Nano and Maruti 800 are close rivals but Tata Nano still scores because of its lower price tag. It also comes with better features and therefore should be a preferred choice between the two. Only restriction with Tata Nano is its size and seating capacity of four. It comes with better features lik remote keyless entry, twin glove boxes, digital clock, co-driver side rear view mirror and a better instrument cluster.

Sumit   2014-12-11

Tata Nano is the most affordable car in the market and costs much lesser as compared to Hyundai Eon. Tata Nano is smaller in dimensions and weighs lesser too. Being an entry-level car it doesn’t offer as many features as Hyundai Eon does but still fares well for the price range. Which car you would like to prefer depends on the budget and personal preferences. If looking for a low-cost vehicle for daily commuting, then Tata Nano is good.

Dansh   2015-01-02

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