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How to maintain Tata Nano for long term usage?

By: Hiteen on 2014-03-10

6 Answers:

Tata Nano comes with warranty of 4 years. It’s a pretty long time warranty that can be got for any car. With warranty back up you are assured of free of cost replacement of any manufacturing defective parts. Hence there would be limited expenditure on maintenance. A regular visit to workshop to ge the maintenance done as per scheduled would help for long term maintenance of the car. Further using premium quality fuels and engine oild would always favour for long term usage with very good performance too.

Sonal Gupta    2014-03-10

The Tata Nano is an inexpensive hatchback that has been very positively received in the Indian market. Of special mention is the warranty. At a whopping 4 years of warranty, you are guaranteed replacements of any faulty or defective car part. Apart from the warranty, it is advisable to go in for routine maintenance check-ups once a month to keep the car functioning at an optimum level. Using premium fuels is also recommended to keep the performance levels high for a long time.

Jiten    2014-13-11

It’s like maintaining your child with proper injection schedule, right thing at the right time. You should do the same thing with your car. Go for proper service schedule and also visit for vehicle health checks whenever you notice some strange noise in the car or behavior during ride. This way can keep your car for long term usage without any double. For any car maintenance is the key to long term usage.

Anurag    2015-17-04

I am agree with above user’s reply to this question, when it comes to maintenance of the vehicle. It should followed by proper health checks of the car. Always visit the certified dealer for the same for your vehicle health checks. Do not compromise the same for just few hundred bucks to save and get the same done by any local dealer. So take care of your vehicle with some simple rules for long term.

kapil    2015-19-04

Yes, of course I am in agreement with above user’s view to maintain any car for long term usage. We should be careful for the periodic service routine to be followed. There is no shortcut for the maintenance, you should get the service done at the right time. And whenever you find anything different happening in your car. You should visit the service center as soon as possible. By this you can enjoy your car for long term. And this applicable for all cars.

Nisha1    2015-21-04

As we always say that purchasing a vehicle is not tough thing. But actually it’s the maintenance of the vehicle which makes it stay for long term usage. You can just follow few tricks honestly and it will done automatically. Always take recommended engine oil. Use premium fuel and use the vehicle functioning to the suggested and recommended optimum level of the Tata Nano manual. Another benefit of this Tata Nano is its long term warranty of the vehicle.

Pulkit    2015-23-04

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