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I am thinking of buying Tata Nano. Is it worth?

By: Jagdeep on 2015-02-01

5 Answers:

Tata Nano has come long way in reaching the present stage of cutest small car in India. Earlier it was quoted as cheapest car. Now there is paradim shift in image of the same. Its made for car for the youth. Its made very stylish with cute graphics and introduction of features like AC, Power steering so on and also there is clear improvement in performance parameters of the same. If you are intending to use it is city for most of the time and occasional outings covering 100 to 200kms and maxmum of 300km perday them its the best entry level car you can get.

Sonal Gupta    2015-02-01

According to fact and figures if you are looking for small sized hatchback with reliable engine then Tata Nano is the best option. Tata Nano also scores good marks in safety systems and reliability which is one of the major factor to buy this car. Indians are those buyers who first check fuel economy then go for other fact and figures, so according to me every individual would love the amazing fuel economy figures. Overall Tata Nano is the best reliable hatchback from Tata motors which not only reasonable but also fits easily in budget of all buyers and the best word to quote Tata Nano would be Decent Hatchback.

Parma    2015-21-01

In the event that you are searching for a little measured hatchback with dependable motor then Tata Nano is the best choice. Tata Nano additionally scores great in dependability and good after sale service. Indians who are planning to buy a car looks for the fuel efficiency of the engine of the car they intend to purchase. Overall, Tata Nano is the best reliable hatchback from Tata motors which not only reasonable but also fits easily in budget of all buyers.

Jaydeep    2015-20-02

No the Tata Nano is not at all worth buying. You will hate the space the performance and everything of this car I suggest you rather buy and auto rickshaw and drive it as it will at least bring you some income. I hate this car totally and you will too.

sanju sharma    2015-02-03

The TATA nano is a good car but not worth 2 lakh rupees. I think you should invest a little more and go for the eon. I hate the car and I think that most of the people do. However I am not surprised you are considering in buying this car.

ajay thakur    2015-03-03

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