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Is it safe than to others tata cars ?

By: ajay on 2015-18-05

8 Answers:

Hello Ajay..

Tata Nano satisfies basic safety features needed from a hatchback. Infact it exceeds that in terms of build quality with high strength of body frame and metals used. It does not have advanced safety features like airbags, ABS and others. It’s a wonderful car if used as a city commuter with economical price and best possible mileage figures too. Not a car for crusing ahead in highway driving and rough road conditions exposing strength of the car.

Also recommended to check a video review about the same


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-22-05

I don't think that it is a safe car in comparison to other cars from Tata. I trust Tata brand thoroughly but I am disappointed with this feature of Tata. No doubt it has some basic safety features that a particular car needs but company should install other advanced safety techniques like airbags, ABS and much more to make it an ideal car. Yes, it comes in economical rates but we can’t deny safety as well.

Avatar    2015-25-05

I completely agree with the above reply about the safety. Company installed basic safety systems that a hatchback requires but what to say about other essential features like airbags, ABS or so. It has a good body frame which is also a good safety feature but we need more while drive long. ITata Nano can be said as a good car of Tata while driving city roads only not on highways.

Rekha    2015-27-05

Yes, I would also recommend Tata Nano for city drive only as it doesn’t have advanced safety measures. No doubt, it has basic safety systems but Company should focus more on advanced techniques of safety. I also trust the brand but it doesn’t mean it has everything. It has a strong body frame that is a big plus of this car. According to me, try to avoid this car if you want to get a safer car of Tata.

Niharika    2015-29-05

Tata Nano, an extremely affordable hatchback, has been designed to fulfill safety requirements. It comes with a robust metal sheet body with impact cushioning crumple zones and additional body reinforcements. Tata Nano also has a decent array of safety features including a high mounted stop lamp, booster assisted brakes and seat belts with pre tensioners. Central locking, side intrusions beams and hazard warning switch make it even safer and secure to drive around.

Murli    2015-01-06

I agree that Tata Nano is quiet a safe car. Given the price tag and small size, it is well suited for Indian customers and driving conditions. Of course it isn’t best suited for long drives due to lack of power, so within city it proves to be a safe vehicle. It complies with all the Indian regulatory requirements It comes with an improved electrical and exhaust system to avoid over heating of the car.

Ajju    2015-03-06

The Tata Nano GenX Twist AMT variant lacks the presence of an ABS. Moreover, to add insult to injury, there is also the absence of a power steering. Even the brakes that are available at the front and the back are drum brakes. Then again, almost none of the similar market price four-wheelers offers either an ABS or a high performance braking system. For a ride that costs somewhere around INR 3,00,000, it has much to offer in contrast to its competitors. It makes commuting in cities and negotiating through maddening traffic a whole lot easier as compared to before.

Mehar    2015-18-06

The Nano is basically a flagship car for Tata, famous for its affordability not performance or many other factors. Due to its low pricing, no doubt it lacks the most basic safety features that a particular car needs especially for heavy traffic driving or even on highways. The engine can’t really reach good speeds either so it’s best not to venture very far with this car especially it isn’t safe for highways. Brakes are decent, but other features like ABS, airbags are missing. Taking a wide look, the Nano isn’t safer than other cars, juts more affordable for budget conscious consumers.

Shiv    2015-05-08

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