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Why engine of Tata Nano is noisy?

By: Moheen on 2015-30-06

4 Answers:

Hello Moheen !!

The Tata Nano engine is not at all success. The engine performance of the Tata Nano is very poor, the engine starts vibrating after 80 kmph of speed, it is a very unstable car from Tata Motors. The engine heats up very quickly and the chances of breakdown is very high.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal    2015-30-06

When I bought the Nano, after sometimes almost 5000 KMS I started realizing whenever I switch the car from my swift to Nano and then again swift, The sound on Nano is quite higher than normal and the engine temperature also getting higher. So I went over to the Tata service center and complained. They have given me a all new car to take a ride with their service team, and I realized it is common with old on new car. Actually the engine is at rear unlike th most cars, so the noise comes easily inside the cabin.

Krishank    2015-03-07

Yes, I do agree with the answer. I was having the same issue and then I have contacted Tata customer care for the same and then they explained me the same thing. Due to the engine position at rear the sound of the engine comes more prominently and looks weird while driving at higher speed. Nano has not been designed to run above 80 KMPL. The NVH levels of the Nano are higher than normal, what can you expect from the cheapest cat of the world.

Sehar    2015-04-07

Absolutely right, the engine of Tata Nano is not stable and creepy. The NVH levels will be very high even you can hear the engine creepy sound from 500 meters away. The engine gets overheated if you drive it above 80 KMPL and the sound from the engine will become intolerable. So double check all these before buying a Nano. But with the newer model onwards Tata I claiming a proper insulation for higher NVH levels as well as overheating issue resolution as well.

Sudheer    2015-06-07

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