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Can I trust Tata Nano for the short trips to Ghats?

By: kedar navgire on 2015-27-07

4 Answers:

You can take the car on short as well as long trips without any issues. Make sure that you keep the car is good condition and have it serviced regularly. Make sure that you keep the car in the right gear while driving on the Ghats.  

Pranjay    2015-09-08

The Tata Nano is a small wonder car from Tata and don’t underestimate the car in terms of performance. The vehicle is powered by an engine having under liter engine having very less displacement capacity of 624 cc with 37 PS power and 51 Nm torque which is way less than the normal engines but it is capable to be ridden everywhere as the weight of the body is not much.

Tapesh    2015-21-08

I am agreeing with the above statement, The Ghats will not be an issue for riding as the weight of the car is very less as said in the above statement. The engine on the Nano is little underpowered and noisy. So check your car first and make sure that the services have been done on time for your car then you can take it to any point without getting worried a lot.

Maheer    2015-24-08

I am not agree with the above two statements, even after everything you should not forget Nano is having a 624 cc engine which is the smallest engine so far built for any car and then the road conditions of India will not complement it at all. So if you are taking the car to Ghats where the roads will be pathetic so the only advice from my side will be to drive carefully and keep the engine in the right gear

Himash    2015-26-08

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