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Tata Nano GenX Reviews

Overall rating: 3.50 133 reviews | Write a Review

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133 Tata Nano GenX User Reviews


Overall rating: 2.75 Reviewed By: Narayana Rao on 20 october 2017
I am a senior citizen and opted for this car after using a 1960 Standard 10 car and a 1977 Premier Padmini for over 20 years, without experiencing major problems.
However, I had to change them over a period due to non availability of spare parts and also service garages switching over to ...  Read More »

Love Nano

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: Manoj kumar on 5 october 2017
So happy for TATA for coming up with NANO.  Read More »


Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: NILESH BHATT on 20 september 2017
This is really a good city car which i use for daily city driving from home to office and at this budget you cannot expect anything more.  Read More »

Cheap and Best Car

Overall rating: 3.25 Reviewed By: Vimal on 10 september 2017
The cheapest and Best car for a family of 4. I would not suggest to buy the Nano car with Power steering, because of its Tall Body stand and small width, the possibility of a tumble is more with a Power steering. Unfortunately, looking at the sales volume of the TATA NANO, the Production is like...  Read More »

My cute car - driving pleasure

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Sudipta Banerjee on 17 august 2017
I prefer driving this at all times more than my other bigger car. It is a pleasure in driving with a high seat. can be easily maneuvered in the busy city traffic  Read More »

Excellent car

Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: Avijit Paul on 20 july 2017
I had purchased this car because of its design It looks smaller by outside but by inside it has lots of space than other car Probably this is the one among fewer car where after sitting hip joint and knee joint are in same level and this is creating comfort for longer distance than other car in t...  Read More »

it is good car

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: rathangan on 7 july 2017
i love this car very much this is my 1st car and best var  Read More »


Overall rating: 3.25 Reviewed By: HIREN AGRAVAT on 15 june 2017
If this car made by BMW, AUDI....then INDIAN public will love it due to brand name. All are want status not real comfort. All over NANO is superb car and I am using since 2011. I exchange one with new NANO....  Read More »

An excellent Automatic Smart City Car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: AKRoy on 1 june 2017
I have experienced two faults during first one year, i.e. first time sudden pick-up problem and second time sudden discharge of battery causing starting problem. However, both times the concerned Workshop rectified the fault and replaced faulty parts FREE OF COST. After Sale Service of TATA Mo...  Read More »

tata nano is the best car for people with long back

Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: Valluri Mohan Srinivas on 23 may 2017
Lovely car. driving nano is a pleasure. I thank Ratan Tata. Sadly its marketing strategy is not proper.Added to that. the false prestige attitude of Indian mentality is the only reason for its not taking off .Otherwise it should have been far far ahead of all other car sales in hatchbacks. Lovely...  Read More »
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