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User review on Tata Nano GenX written by Narayana Rao on 20 October 2017

Year of Manufacture : 2011 | Driven no. of Kms. : 7300

  • Overall
    Overall rating: 2.75
  • Exterior
    Overall rating: 3
  • Suspension
    Overall rating: 2
  • Comfort
    Overall rating: 3
  • Safety
    Overall rating: 3
  • Pros: HEIGHT and overall features to some extent
  • Cons: Poor serviceability due to compact and congested design. Service personnel deliberately omit areas and issues in the car for their convenience,as per my experience and also do not give much importance to this so called cheapest car in the world. Examples are Battery zone,Fuse area,AC filter, which are very difficult to approach.Also, even for very minor issues, one has to go to authorised service centre, as local garages do not have the knowledge to handle.Even service stations take very long time to diagnose the fault and mostly adapt hit and miss method for rectification.The plastics are of very poor quality and in my case the rear seat hinges and cover on the battery broke and i had to struggle to get them replaced.
I am a senior citizen and opted for this car after using a 1960 Standard 10 car and a 1977 Premier Padmini for over 20 years, without experiencing major problems. However, I had to change them over a period due to non availability of spare parts and also service garages switching over to newer models. Then, i chose to go for a Nano ,mainly impressed by its height where one can slide in and slide out of seats ,features and above all my respect for Tata name, withinRs.2.40 lakhs of on Road price without any major additional fittings. Unfortunately,I was pained and disappointed during my last over 6years of ownership,for the following reasons. 1. In the very first week, the combo switch was to be changed. 2.within2-3 years, the AC Control module, Temperature sensor,AC condenser, Condenser fan were to be changed and for each of these problems service station used to take about a week to diagnose and few more days to rectify. 2.Another disgusting issue is the Starter Motor. The starter motor was changed inthe first year as per Tata call back programme. Later the Starter motor was changed two more times as I was experiencing repeatedly Starting problems even with good battery.But both times, I strongly feel that the problem lies else where like the wiring, Relay,Ignition switch etc., since on turning the key no click sound comes as if there is no battery connected,even though the horn,lights etc., work fine and after some time it starts as though nothing was wrong.But the service station does not want to go for any check beyond changing the Starter motor.But even now I occassionally experience the same problem after 3months of changing the Motor. 3.During the last Motor change time , they changed the Engine control Unit(ECU) also,claiming that it was also a reason for starting problem. 4.Even the horn was to be replaced, which never happened in my earlier cars in 20 years. 5.The wiper blade was replaced twice, one during the first year and another one recently. 6.The front wheel brake cylinders were also changed recently. 7. During the last year or so, even the Radiator is leaking and i have get it replaced. I hope one will agree that all these issues are the result of Sub standard parts used by Tatas, by initially claiming to give a car for lakh(basic model). I paid for LX model atotal of about Rs.2.40 lakhs,on road without any major accessories like music system . In view of all this, I feel that the lucky few who have not perhaps faced any problem in Nano should not discount or ridicule the experiences of people like me who feel bad for having gone for Nano car, after having paid lot money for the spare parts

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