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How can I improve performance of Tata Safari Storme?

By: Pratima on 19 june 2014

5 Answers:

Maintaining new car is quite easy as it is backed up with warranty. Any defective parts due to manufacturing faults can be replaced free of cost. Generally the chances of arising of problems is also less. However for better usage and longer duration of service of th evehicle, apart from regular maintenance as per schedule, some attention needs to be given to checking of battery condition, wear and tear of tyres, cheking oil levels and coolent levels, checking of proper working of electrical connections and so on would help to keep track of condition of vehicle. Also recommended to get the wheel alignment and balancing done on regular basis for perfect control while driving at high speeds and also for long term usage of tyres.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-19

Well, there are a couple of important factors on which the performance of a vehicle is dependant. First, take your car for servicing on a timely manner. Do no skip any scheduled maintenance of your Tata Safari Storme. Do not rough drive, because that leads to bad fuel economy. Rough drivers are found complaining of a bad mileage. Handling your car with care like a baby would help you get better performance. Secondly, there are some performance boot sters in the market, you may buy oil additives to improve the performance.

Shamak   2014-08-12

It is not easy to maintain a new car. You have to take extra care of it. Battery condition, oil levels, electrical connections, wheel alignment and coolant levels should be checked regularly to avoid major fault. Checking of wear and tear of tyres is really important. If your new car is backed with a warranty this task becomes easy. In such a scenario, the manufacturing faults are replaced by the company free of cost.

Deepank   2015-06-11

Better usage and regular maintenance of car leads to its longer duration and high performance. Servicing should be properly scheduled at regular intervals of time. It is advised to approach company service centre instead of private ones. They use better quality products and provide more customer satisfaction. Your car there lies safe. To improve the performance of the car you can consider using performance boosters which are readily available in the market.

Muanf   2015-06-13

People say regular servicing of the car is the key to its excellent performance. But, I feel the way you drive and handle the car also determines its performance. Rough driving outputs to low fuel economy and hence low mileage. Regular check of oil level, battery condition, tyres etc is also very important. For a perfect and safe control of the car balancing and wheel alignment should be done regularly.

Dev Karan Singh   2015-06-15

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