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Which is better among Tata Safari Storme and Toyota Innova

By: Kumud Singla on 5 may 2014

3 Answers:

There is server competition among Tata Safari Storme, Toyota Innova and Mahindra XUV 500. While Tata Safari Storme has image of big and handsome and powerful SUV, Toyota Innova has image of a premium quality executive utility vehicle. You can see huge presence of Toyota Innova as owner used utility vehicle as well as Taxi. Tata Safari Storme though a carry forward of Safari, is quite new in the segment still has the image of a royal SUV. Its not available as a Taxi vehicle. This is a boosting factor for the morale of customers of Safari Storme. If your preference is for a comfortable and powerful utility vehicle for family outing then Innova is best. If you wish to have a magnificiant vehicle boosting your image as well as serve for on road and off road utility then Safari Storme would be best selection.

Sonal Gupta   2014-05-05

Both Tata Safari Storme and Toyota Innova is very good vehicle for their segments, major difference is Safari Storme is SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and Innova is Multi Utility Vehicle. If we compare luxury and comfort, top end variant of Toyota Innova is more luxurious and comfortable, while comparing the engine power and performance, Tata Safari Storme has more powerful engine, and its pick-up is also much better than Innova.

Naresh   2014-10-19

While comparing Tata Safari and Toyota Innova both Are good in their own segments. The major difference is, Safari is a sport utility vehicle i.e. SUV and Innova is a multi utility vehicle i.e. MUV. If you look into luxury and comfort Innova is good in city and highways, whereas a drive in Safari will be comfortable on highways and even in Deserts, such as the name suggests. Economically, Innova is better because of the mileage it gives is more when compared to Safari.

Raju   2014-11-29

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