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How many kilomters i can go on full tank of Tata Safari Strome?

By: Darpan on 13 june 2015

6 Answers:

Hello Darpan !!

Tata Safari Strome is capable of giving a MIleage of 14 kmpl on good road conditions and it has good fuel tank capacity of 55 litres which means Tata safari strome can takes us to 770 km on full tank capacity. Which is a very good distance according to SUV cars of this segment. And it is a very good fuel efficiency for the city traffic condition in India.


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-06-13

Tata Safari Storm has a fuel tank of 55 liter. It gives more than 15 KMPL mileage on good roads and steady environment. This means that the car can run for nearly 775 km in full tank capacity which in comparison to other SUV cars of this range is quite good. It has very good fuel efficiency and is environment friendly as well. According to the Indian city and road conditions, this car gives an excellent service king in mieepnd the price and the service provided by its competitors. So this can be the choice for car- lovers looking for a good SUV.

Sanchit   2015-06-20

The new and improved Safari Storme takes off from where its predecessor, the Safari left off. The mileage hasn’t seen much of a change but most users have reported improvement in terms of a further 1 or 2 kilometres added per litre in terms of fuel efficiency even with the air-conditioning on. Considering the Storme has many variants, the fuel tank capacities of the various models vary from 50 litres to 70 litres. Based on that, and factoring in an average 14-18kmpl of mileage, the SUV delivers anywhere between 700 kilometres to 1260 kilometres of range on a single fuel fill-up.

Nitin   2015-07-16

Tata Safari Storme is available is almost 4 different variants which is having a 2179 cc engine i.e. 2.2 L Varicor engine which is having a power of 140 PS and a torque 320 Nm torque. The vehicle gives a mileage of 10 KMPL in the city and around 14 KMPL over the highways. The Safari is holding a 55 liters fuel tank so if you are on full tank your SUV will move around 550 KMS in the city and around 750 to 770 KMS.

Viren   2015-08-06

I am agreeing with the above statement and acknowledge the mileage figure given in above statement. I am exactly not getting 10 and 14 but it never goes down than the 9 KMPL in the cities and less than 13 Kmpl over the mileage. So for me, safari can go up to 500 Kms in the city and around 715 KMS to 700 KMS. The fuel tank is enough to drive you up to a huge distance.

Vaishnav   2015-08-08

I am also agree with the above statements, The safari Varicor engine is basically a powerful as well as a very performing and responsive already but along with that the fuel efficiency is also not bad. The SUV is having a fuel tank of 55 liters and if you are riding in the city then 500 KMS is not a big deal and around 700 if you are riding over the highways without refueling.

Imrash   2015-08-10

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