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Why engine of Tata Safari Strome is noisy?

By: Atharv on 16 june 2015

4 Answers:

Hello Atharv !!

Tata safari strome is driven by the 2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine and diesel engines are usually more heavy and built stronger than gasoline engines to sustain the higher pressures involved so that the whole combustion process can take place and compression of air which sustain such high compression made engine stronger. As we spray diesel in highly compressed air so that a blast generats and thats why high noise and vibration occurs.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-16

Tata Safari storm is driven by a 2.2 liter VARICOR diesel engine and it is usually heavy and built more strongly than gasoline engines to sustain the higher pressure involved so that the whole combustion process can take place. The compression of air which sustains such high compression makes the engine stronger. Diesel is being sprayed in highly compressed air so that the blast is generated. Thus the loud sound and vibration occurs. But if it is felt that the vehicle is making more noise than usual, it should be taken to the service center and the needed repairs should be done to bring it back to its previous stage.

MR.Kapoor   2015-06-18

The noise of the engine can be caused due to several reasons in the car. May be you are just over loading the engine with the weight carrying capacity of the car or maybe you are just running it at excessive speeds. The car otherwise is a good pleasure to drive.

Jyotsana   2015-07-02

I suggest you get the engine of the car checked for any faults before they turn into a catastrophic fault. A small noise is always there in my safari storme too but it is not too loud. If yours is too loud you should perhaps get it checked for problems.

Sarthak Vohra   2015-07-04

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