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I have an offer for 2006 Tata Safari for Rs 4.0Lakh. Is it worth?

By: Daanish Chahhal on 6 april 2014

3 Answers:

Tata Safari has very good resle value. Earlier most of new Tata Safari were in range of 7 to 10Lakhs. These days a new Tata Safari costs in range of 10 to 14lakhs onroad. Hence there is considerable rise in resale value of used Safari as well. The quoting price seems to be genuine. However there is element of risk involved with respect to present condition of the car. Recommended to get thorough check done for tyre conditions, suspension, un usual noises from engine etc. A thorough inspection would reveal exact condition of the car. Considering everything, its a fair deal worth buying.

Sonal Gupta   2014-04-06

The Tata Safari is a SUV that has spawned several editions ever since its inception, and as a result, has a fairly high resale value. But the most important thing to ensure is whether the car on offer is in a good condition or not. There is no use buying a used car for a lot of money and then discovering that there are problems in one or the other car component. A thorough check up is recommended to make sure that the condition of the car is good enough. If there are no problems, Rs 4.0 lakh is a decent amount.

Shridhi   2015-03-17

Tata Safari is a popular SUV with a great brand name and has a great resale value. Currently the ex. showroom price starts from around 9 lacs and goes upto 10.5 lacs. The price at which you are getting 2006 model seems fine but as it is 9 yrs old model you should go for a detailed inspection. Hire a experience mechanic for inspecting engine condition, tyres, battery etc. Once you are satisfied with the inspection, you can go ahead with the deal.

Nigar   2015-07-18

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