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How can I improve performance of Tata Safari?

By: Gautam Gulati on 11 june 2014

3 Answers:

Apart from regular maintenance as per schedule, it needs good lot of attention on checking of battery condition, a visual inspection on wear and tear of brake discs, tyres, under body hits and so on. Occasional cleaning of fuel tank helps for supply of pure fuel to the fuel supply system. Other minor things like inspecting any leakages from the oil sealings of engine, cooling system would help to get the problem solved in time. You can also check the hose pipe conditions in under bonnet. Using of advanced engine oil and premium quality fuel always favors for long term utility of the car.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-11

Just like any other car, the Tata Safari too, needs routine maintenance in order to keep its performance levels at an optimum. A basic maintenance regimen needs to be followed, which might involve regular car servicing every alternate month. More specialized maintenance check-ups can be done which may involve cleaning the fuel tanks for better fuel efficiency. There are many cases of leakages as well, which need to be sorted out. Using premium fuels is also recommended for the best performance.

Manyata   2014-07-16

By continuing a routine maintenance and service schedule similar any other car you'll keep going with a great performing Tata safari. A regular inspection of battery, tyre, breaks, engine and regular oil change leads to a smooth running vehicle for years. Fuel tank cleaning is another essential aspect to be consider and only branded oil and fuel is recommended for better mileage and increased efficiency. Tata safari is a rugged vehicle so a good maintenance regime is essential for long run.

Suprahat   2015-03-18

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