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Which is better used Tata Safari or Mahindra Scorpio?

By: Ramphal Singh on 17 july 2014

5 Answers:

There is tough competition among Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio particularly in used car segment. Its mainly due to the fame of both with their high reliablility performance outputs and comfortable interiors. The advantage of Scorpio is its styling, decent power and availability at moderate price range particularly as used car. Safari has higher power ie 140PS as against 120PS of Scorpio. Further Safari interiors are very spacious as compared to that of Scorpio particularly for middle rows and seating space in third rows. Clearly Safari is more advanced as s full fledged SUV than Scorpio. If spending bit extra is not a constraint then Safari makes better option.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-17

Both SUVs is performing very good on Indian roads, it totally depends on you what your requirements are. Mahindra Scorpio is completely an off roader vehicle with a very sturdy body and with some luxury features in its passenger cabin. On the other hand, Tata Safari has a very comfortable and luxurious passenger cabin and you will never feel tired even on a long journey. Though, if we compare the maintenance cost, maintenance of Tata Safari is bit higher than Scorpio.

Garima   2014-11-16

While both Mahindra Scorpio and TATA Safari are considered to be among the top few SUVs that are ruling the roost in Indian roads, few differences put them apart. TATA Safari is longer and wider as compared to Scorpio. Scorpio can seat up to 9 people, whereas TATA Safari can seat only 7 people comfortably. Diesel engines run both of these vehicles, but Scorpio engine has a higher displacement capacity, whereas TATA Safari engine produces, more power and consequently more torque.

Sumant   2014-12-25

Comparing both these SUV is a difficult job because there are some features that are considered to be better in Scorpio and then there are some other features that are better in Safari. If we compare their size, we find that Safari is a bit bigger compared to Scorpio. Even the engine is more powerful in Safari. However, if we look at the passenger comfort features, then Scorpio is way ahead of Safari. Therefore, it all boils down to what is important to you. Once you decide that, then you can make an intelligent choice.

Atharv   2014-12-28

Mahindra Scorpio and TATA Safari are both quality SUVs that are dominating the Indian market in their price bracket. TATA Safari is a bit bigger than the Scorpio, but the Scorpio can seat two extra people. The boot space of Safari is much better than the Scorpio. A 4-cylinder m2DICR engine that produces 75 @ 3200bhp@rpm of power and 200 @ 1400Nm@rpm of torque runs Scorpio. Whereas, Safari is powered by a 2.2 L 16 Valve DOHC VTT DiCOR diesel engine that produces 138 @ 4000bhp@rpm of power and 320 @ 1700Nm@rpm of torque.

Sanjog   2014-12-30

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