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Which is better among Tata Safari and Toyota Innova

By: Ishaan Duggal on 14 august 2014

7 Answers:

There is severe competition among Tata Safari, Toyota Innova and Mahindra Scorpio in used car segment. However when it comes to new cars. Tata Safari and Toyota Innova price has shoot up to range of 10 to 15Lakhs. Both Safari and Innova have very good combination of power,styling and mileage figures. Innova has slight edge over Safari in terms of body design giiving a good impression of a executive car. Safari has reputation of a big and handsome SUV. Hence most of the family persons prefer Innova over Safari. If you are preference is for a vehicle which is suitable for on road and off road usage and also pose a majestic image on road, Safari would be better option. 

Sonal Gupta   2014-08-14

Both Tata Safari and Toyota Innova is very good vehicles in its segment and it is bit difficult to say which one is better. The major difference between them is Tata Safari is SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and Innova is MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle). Both of them have very comfortable passenger cabin, but if we compare the top end models of both the cars Innova looks more luxurious. But if we compare power and pick-up, Tata Safari is much better option than Innova.

Janeed   2014-12-14

Tata has created a name for itself in the market. It is indeed one of the top car manufacturers in the country. The customers of tata cars are very much satisfied and happy especially because of the after sales service they provide. It has severe competition from Toyata. Tata Safari and Toyota Innova are the two very reliable cars available in the market. Their range is almost the same.  

Anil   2015-06-18

Tata Safari is one of the best cars manufactured by Tata. It is reliable, fuel efficient and popular car. It stands together in competition with Toyota Innova. Both lie in the same price bracket and score high on performance, image, handling and style. The mileage delivered by both the cars is the same. I feel Toyota Innova is more of a family car. It is a multi utility vehicle.

Rishi   2015-06-19

When it comes to brand name both Tata and Toyota are equally good. Both have loyal customers all over the world especially in the Indian automobile arena. Tata Safari is easy on all types of roads. With Tata come luxury, quality and reliability. Toyota Innova has better body design as compared to Tata Safari. Also it can accommodate more persons. Tata Safari is SUV whereas Toyota Innova is MUV.  

Ranbeer   2015-06-20

It is very difficult to comment on which is better. I have driven both Tata Safari and Toyota Innova and feel both are good in their own way. When it comes to capacity, Toyota Innova has more sitting capacity. The cabin space is more in Toyota Innova which makes it a preferred choice as a family car. Both have comfortable and luxurious passenger cabin. Innova is an executive car and has handsome looks.

Sharan   2015-06-22

There is a huge competition between Tata Safari and Toyota Innova. Tata Safari is a Sports Utility Vehicle whereas Innova is a Multi Utility Vehicle. The pricing of boththe cars is almost the same. Innova is better than Safari in terms of bodydesign. Both the cars give excellent performance. Toyota Innova is more of a family car with spacious and comfortable passenger cabin. Both are suitable for off road and on road usage.

Ved   2015-06-23

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