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How is the resale value of Tata Safari?

By: Ila Goyat on 9 july 2014

7 Answers:

Tata Safari is available in Indian market since more than a decade. Hence there is huge presence of the same in used car market as well.You can get a Tata Safari for as low as 2.7Lakh to more than 10 Lakh depending upon the year of make, variant, features available and condition of the same. A fair conditioned Safari can be got for around 5.0Lakh. There are few petrol version Sarari also available in used car market and the price of it ranges at more than 5 Lakhs. In overall if you have a budget range of 5.0Lakh onwards, you are ound to get a good conditioned Safari.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-09

Though we all know that Tata Safari is the oldest SUV and still ruling the cost-effective SUV market because of it's tremendous performance and having reliable branding like Tata. So because of brand's reputation and credibility, Tata Safari has pretty good market value. You can get well maintained Safari around Rs. 6 Lakhs, everything else depends upon the condition of SUV like mileage, engine, interior quality, exterior features etc. I bought a used Tata Safari by paying Rs. 5.50 Lakhs and it was a great deal.

Garukh   2015-01-16

Tata made Vehicle always have their Quality standard built in and it always keep the vehicle demand for resale value remains good. But that also depends upon the vehicle maintenance and its manufacturing year. Interior and exterior features. So we can say that based on vehicle condition you can get a Safari around 5 lakh or less easily depends mainly on the condition of the vehicle and its age. Tata Safari is having a very good resale value in the market.

Pawan   2015-06-17

No doubt Tata Safari is a great SUV and its demand in the resale value is also very good. So if you are looking for resale your 2-3 years old SUV with good conditioned maintained you can easily get somewhere around 5-8 lakhs. More often resale value for outskirts areas is more due to strong build and easy to drive in tough roads as well. And they are always in good demand.

Nisad   2015-06-19

Yes, I can confirm that demand for used vehicle is high for SUV like Safari due to outskirt areas from city due to not so well maintained roads there. Small cars are not that efficient there so people out there prefer SUV. They prefer SUV if available at less price in good condition and they keep the demand high for resale of the SUV. So you can always get good price for you SUV like Safari which has good features.

Aviral   2015-06-22

I believe I can’t defer with my other friends words written above. The resale value of car like which is one of the oldest SUV in India. And manufactured by Brand like Tata. So due to company’s reputation and credibility. This SUV has very good demand and resale value of the vehicle. But of course it also depend upon the exact condition of the vehicle, model year, features it comprises of. But you can expect 5-7 lakh.

Mounik   2015-06-24

Overall it’s a great vehicle and if maintained well and then you want to resale after few years. Yes you can do that easily. Resale vehicle demand of this SUV will never go out. So you can rest assured that once you have used it for 3-4 years and wants to resell it. You don’t need to worry about the buyers. Very easily you can get numerous buyers for your well maintained vehicle.

Miral   2015-06-26

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