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How are the seats of Tata Safari?

By: Zayed on 3 january 2015

5 Answers:

Tata Safari is a 100 percent Indian made Sports utility Vehicle andis performing best of its class. The interiors of Tata Safari have unique dual color tone combination which looks stunning and no doubt the build quality of Tata Safari is also good. This powerful Sports utility vehicle have some decent features available in central console which includes navigation, entertainment system, refined climate controller which works very well efficiently and enough to give pleasant environment to all passengers. According to my point of Sports utility vehicles has to be comfortable to sit and drive and comfortably not only includes climate controller and shock absorvers but also comfortable seats. Tata Safari is also full filling this requirements with well cushioned and comfortable seats to sit as these seats provide decent support to back bone where perfect cushion filling helps in absorbing shocks on bumpy roads. According to my point of Tata Safari is a comfortable sports utility to drive.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-03

The passenger seats of Tata Safari are very well cushioned and comfortable. Seat positioning is very perfect with good leg room for rear passengers also. The advanced seat lumbar support of new Tata Safari offers more comfort and proper support to backbone even while driving on rough roads and pot holes.

Manoj   2015-01-29

The internal features of Tata Safari have been dedicated towards generating a feeling of comfort to the driver as well as the passengers inside the car. Thus, in order to make this practically feasible Safari has been equipped with plush interiors. There are spaces in between the seats so that the passengers can stretch their legs comfortably and do not feel exhausted during long car rides. The driver’s seat also has enough legroom. The thickly cushioned contoured seats add further to this in order to provide comfort during long and strenuous rides. The Alpine DVD MP3 system with LCD screen that has been installed on the central console of Safari along with two additional LCD screens behind the front seat head rests look after the car entertainment option well. For additional ease of the passengers during their entry and exit from the car, Tata Safari has been equipped with side foot steps. In addition to all these is the dual HVAC with roof mounted rear blower that makes the internal heating and air conditioning system of Tata Safari extremely efficient.

Mahesh   2015-02-08

Tata Safari is a SUV, and gives good performance. The seats come in dual colour tones, which makes it stunning. The other features on the seats include central console, which come with the entertainment system, navigation, climate controller, etc. The seats are quite cushioned and comfortable, and the shock absorbers make sure that the drive is smooth, and without jerks. These provide a good support to the back bones, and prevent back pains on bumpy roads.

Jaaniya   2015-02-22

Tata Safari is a spaciousl SUV, interior are very well designed in a way to provide utmost comfort to driver and pessengers. The seats are ergonomically designed and are broad and comfortable, there is ample leg and headroom even for the rear benches. The driver seat is height adjustable that further increases driving comfort. The middle row seats could be easily folded thus creating additional boot space. Also, the seats are wrapped in premium fabric upholstry.

Keetesh   2015-05-05

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