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How is the maintenance of this car?

By: Mr.Sharma on 2015-10-01

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5 Answers:

Tata Safari is famous for its tough build quality and boosts image of owning a true performar vehicle. High ground clearnance, tough built tyres and suspensions, easy to steer mechanisms all helps to drive comfortably during offroading as well. Whevever its taken for offroading, its recommended to check the underbody once to ensure no major underbody hitting have taken place.
TeamAutoportal    2015-10-01

Tata Safari is the live example of pure Indian engineering results in full customer satisfaction by completing the basic needs. This shows that Tata Safari comes with promise of providing reasonable maintenance cost or reasonable ownership cost which is one of the major factor for attracting Indian buyers. To get maximum output of minimum input I recommended you to strictly follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual which comes with every vehicle.

yasim    2015-29-01

Tata Safari is a through and through an Indian vehicle. It is manufactured by the famous Tata Motors. The company has designed it in such a way that, it fulfills the basic need of a large Indian family that likes to travel together. It consists of a large space so that all the riders can travel comfortably, a powerful engine along with great suspension to travel over any kind of roads safely and comfortably. If you follow the company manual, then it will require very little maintenance to keep it ship shape.

Ashish    2015-26-02

The car is quite strong and is known for its tough build. It has all the strong features of Indian engineering. And, it comes with some great features like strong tyres, suspensions, easy steering mechanism, higher ground clearance, etc. With a regular maintenance, the car can run smoothly, and give a good ride. It would be good to follow the instructions given on the manual, so that it can give the best performance.

Vidhya    2015-07-03

As far as maintenance is concerned Tata Safari is very affordable and durable. According to me, if you regularly check for any abnormalities while driving there shouldn’t be any big expense. The spare parts of this SUV are comparatively cheap and easily available. It requires regular oil change for every 5000 Km to make its engine perform at its best. For me the car should be affordable in terms of maintenance cost.

Raman    2015-19-03

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