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What kind of safety features it comes with?

By: Neelam on 12 february 2015

6 Answers:

Tata Safari is integrated with a lot of safety features that keeps the travelers safe in case of any accident. These features include, seat belt for all passengers, engine immobilizer, rigid body structure with side impact bars along with crumple zones, central locking system along with child safety rear door locks for enhanced protection of the passengers. In addition, it also comes with an anti glare interior rear view mirror, door open warning and headlamp on notification on instrument panel, collapsible steering column, clear lens fog lamps, tubeless radial tyres, motorized headlamp adjustment function and several others.

Rupesh   2015-02-12

One of the treasure worthy aspects of Tata Safari is its safety and security features. The variant Dicor has also been certified by European Regulation as per 74/297/EEC for providing complete protection to the driver and the other passengers in the front seat on occasions of full frontal collision. However, in general all the variants of Tata Safari come with safety features like sturdy framework and rugged chassis, anti submarine seats with seat belts, anti lock braking system, defogger, central locking system along with additional safety locks at the rear doors, warning signal for door open, motorized headlamps and adjustable tail lamps, collapsible steering column, tubeless radial tires, and a lot more.

Daata   2015-02-25

Tata Safari is an absolutely safe car, and comes with good amount of safety features. These safety features include engine immobilizer, seat belts, rigid and strong body, side impact bars, central locking system, child safety locks in the rear, anti-glare rear view mirror, headlamp, collapsible steering column, door open warnings, tubeless radial tyres, and motorized headlamps adjusting function. All these features make the car a very safe vehicle to drive.

Batra   2015-03-05

According to me, Tata Motors has always given priority to the greater safety for their customers and Tata Safari is a good example for that. The Tata Safari comes with safety features like rear seat belts, child safety locks, door theft warning, center locking, power door locks, seat belt warning display and day and night and back view mirror. I think the overall look of the car is spacious and gives luxury feel.

Pawan   2015-03-10

Tata safari comes with undoubtedly the best and most needed safety features both for the driver and the passengers. Seat belt is being included for all the passengers, engine immobilizer, rigid body structure with side impact bars and chromes at the side have also been implemented. It also has central locking system and child safety rear door lock for enhanced protection for the children travelling. The vehicle comes with anti-glare rear view mirror, door open warning and headlamps for notification on instrument panel. Clear lens fog lamp, tread tyres, motorized headlamps are always an added feature to this.

Ashish   2015-04-17

The Tata safari comes with a variety of safety features, since it’s an SUV so it comes with in-built safety. The new Tata safari 2015 comes with ABS 8.1, ventilated brakes with EBD and equivalent amount of Crumple zone. The ABS (8.1) electronically curbs and manages wheel rotation when the driver brake hard it prevents the wheels from locking giving the driver a better control over the situation. The Ventilated disc brakes on all 4 wheels of the Safari ensures vehicle stability even at high speed panic braking and the Crumple zone absorbs impact in case of frontal collision.

Shridhar   2015-06-23

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