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Why my Tata Safari is not showing good fuel eocnomy?

By: palash on 22 june 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Palash !!

If your Tata Safari is not showing a good fuel economy, it may be because of various reasons, mainly it could be due to the poor maintenance of the SUV, and also make sure you always service your SUV from an authorized service centre of Tata. And make sure good quality engine e oil is used in your car, for the life of the engine of the car. Also try to ride your SUV in economical speed (i.e. 55-65 kmph), this will give you best possible mileage.


Team Autoportal


Team Autoportal   2015-06-22

The reason behind the Tata Safari not providing good fuel economy can be many. The maintenance is a huge issue here and it has to be done with dedication to get the best utility of the car. The car should always be serviced from authorized service center of the company so that it can enjoy the real and best services with original spare parts in case of need. The car should not be too accelerated or too over speeded. It should be driven with care and at a nominal speed of 55-65 km/hr for better performances. Regular checking of the car is demanded.

Guru   2015-07-04

The Tata safari is not showing good fuel economy may be it could be possible for bad maintenance of the car or irregular service. There could be so many reason for poor mileage such as the car service should not have been done at an authorized service stations only, The oil quality was not up to the mark, Bad oil reduce mileage and enhances that your engine life and gives good mileage also.

sujjan   2015-07-10

Yes I do agree with above statement that, there are so many reasons of poor mileage of your vehicle. The Vehicle is having a 2.2L engine which produces more power so less mileage will be there for sure. Also try not to ride your vehicle in high speed. Always take your SUV in proper authorized service center for servicing and good in quality engine oil is used in your vehicle because only oil can gives the better long life of your vehicle and finally take your car regularly for servicing.

ashwin   2015-07-19

The Tata Safari is a powerful SUV with high kerb weight, and high traction tyres. These factors weigh down on the fuel economy, which suffers to power such a strong engine. On continued use of air conditioning, the mileage goes down more. After long time use, in case of absence of regular maintenance, the mileage can plummet further. Regular oil checks, keeping the engine clean and well oiled, and servicing, the engine breathes better. One can expect an average mileage of 13-15kmpl from the Safari when the car is in its prime condition. The power and comfort makes the mileage suffer.

Kush   2015-08-07

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