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Why i feel jerk when needle hits 2000 rpm for Tata Safari?

By: Ankit on 23 june 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Ankit !!

If you are feeling jerk or loss of pwer at 200 RPM it may be because of the turbo lag, this is a very common problem in diesel engine Cars or SUV’s. There is a power loss in starting in diesel engine cars. And if the problem is occurring more you can take your Tata Safaro to your nearest Service centre.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-23

Jerk or loss of power is now-a-days very common problem with the diesel engine SUV cars. The reasons are mainly turbo lag and there might be a power loss in the starting within diesel engine cars. If this problem is chronic, then it should be urgently taken to the service center and a full check-up is necessary for the vehicle. Moreover it should never be driven in a rough way and nominal speed limit should be maintained without much pressure on the accelerator or on the wheels. Regular maintenance in the proper manner is essential to keep the car in a very good shape.

Andrew   2015-07-02

When driving the Tata Safari, you will feel that the car jerks, or there is a sudden loss of power. This is because of the turbo lag. When you use SUV and diesel cars, this is one the often seen problem

Nannu   2015-09-24

When you see that turbo lag can cause a jerk or sudden loss of power to your car, then you need to take the car to the nearest Tata service station. Though this is a common problem with most of the SUVs and diesel cars, get it rectified on time.

sittu   2015-09-26

With the SUVs and the diesel cars, the jerk is a common problem. Take the car to the authentic service station if you see that the problem is chronic. Do not drive the car rashly or in the uneven roads too much.

Babbal   2015-09-28

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