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How many kilometers i can on single full tank of Tata Safari?

By: Rehman on 25 june 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Rehman !!

Tata Safari has a fuel tank capacity of around 55 litres and it is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 13 kmpl in the city and around 17 kmpl on the highways, which is a good for a SUV of this range. It can run upto 715 kms in the city traffic condition and around 935 kms on the highways. Moreover the fuel efficiency not only depends upon the SUV, but also the person driving it, over speeding and over accelerating always affect the fuel efficiency, try maintaining an economical speed, while driving.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-25

55 liters is the fuel capacity of the TATA Safari and more or less it gives a mileage of 13 KMPL in the city roads and 17 KMPL on the highways. This is actually good fuel efficiency for an SUV of this class. It can easily run 715 km in the city along with the terrible traffic condition and around 935 km outside the city, on highways. Though the fuel efficiency does not only depend on the SUV, but also on the speed at which the person is driving. Over-speeding and over-accelerating also affect the fuel efficiency. Thus economical driving is ideal.

Ankush   2015-07-03

Tata has provided yet another class in form of safari. The Tata safari has a fuel capacity of around 60 kilo meters which is quite huge. The mileage provided by the Safari is not so good, when it comes to comparison with other SUV’s of same segment. It is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 12-13 km per liters in the cities and around 17 km per liter when driven in highways. It can be driven for around 715 kilometers in the cities keeping in mind the traffic conditions and around 935 kilometers on the highways.

Ashwini   2015-06-12

The Tata Safari Dicor is having an average mileage of 12 KMPL in actual conditions, whereas the ARAI certified mileage of the SUV is almost 14 KMPL. In different driving conditions the mileage varies. In normal conditions the car gives a mileage of 10 KMPL in the cities and almost 12 KMPL over the highways. So on average one can expect with the 55 Liter tank capacity an average running of 11 KMPL it can go up to 605 kilometers.

Dhrupath   2015-08-14

I am agreeing with the above statement, on average you can expect a mileage of 11-12 KMPL from the Tata safari easily. The Tata safari dicor is holding a 55 liter fuel tank inside the body and each liter can drag the car 10 KM in the city and 12 KM over the highway. But what I feel is this should be giving more mileage than what it is giving, the company has to realize the fuel type, with a 2.2 L engine 10-12 KMPL mileage is not good.

Vinod   2015-07-16

I am also having same thought; The Tata Should be getting its safari engine to the next level with some good mileage on the board. The current numbers are also not bad but it is not a Bentley or Aston martin car who is eligible for such mileages of 3-5 KMS per liter but rather than that it’s a consumer segment vehicle. So it has to be giving more mileage on board. The Tata Safari can go up to 600 KMS depending on road condition.

Chottu   2015-07-18

Tata Safari is one of the most popular cars in the market. Tata Safari has a fuel tank capacity of around 55 litres which makes it perfect for long distance travelling and curbs the headache of stopping repeatedly for refuelling. It is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 12-13 km per litres in the cities and around 17 km per litre when driven in highways. Hence, it can move to a distance of 670 km in the cities where there is full of traffic and can move to a distance of 930 km or more on the highways which is pretty good.

Meera   2015-08-06

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