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Does engine modifications voids out the warranty of Tata Safari?

By: Mikka on 27 june 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Mikka !!

Yes the engine modification does void the warranty of the car, and moreover the resale value of the car also comes down. It is best you keep your vehicle as it came from the company. More the mods in your car, lesser the resale value and also it may affect the life of the engine as well as the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, so it is always advised to keep your vehicle with lesser mods. Engine modification from outside is not at all advisable.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-27

The engine modification of the Tata Safari not only voids out the warranty of the car but it puts down the resale value as well. It is ideal and meant to keep the vehicle intact as it comes from the company. The more the customer tends to modify the car, the less will be the fuel efficiency and it will affect the performance and efficiency of the engine.. Moreover it may also be a problem while servicing and finding spare parts in the market once they are modified. So this is not at all advisable, keeping in mind the utility of the car.

Nihaal   2015-07-03

I don’t feel that there is a need of any engine modification at all in the Safari engine, but yes if you are going to do some kind of modifications with your engine the warranty will be void completely. Tata Safari comes with 2 years standard warranty or 150000 KMS whichever comes earlier. So please don’t do any modification with your car at all, it already comes with a very responsive and performing engine.

Utkarsh   2015-08-06

I am agreeing with the above answer the safari comes with a very good and performing engine and it has a long range performance metrics as well from decades. Safari has been serving Indians from long time. So there is no need of any engine modifications at all but if you do the warranty of the engine will be void completely and I don’t think you want to lose the 2 years warranty on the engine at all.

Karishma   2015-08-08

I am agreeing too, I don’t ever think do anything which will let the warranty of the vehicle void. The Varicor engine is very-very responsive and performing engine. I will not seek any modifications at all in to my engine. The answer of the question is yes, if you modify the engine of your SUV the warranty of 2 years or 150000 KMS will be voided.

Murali   2015-08-10

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