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I have an offer for Tata Sumo Gold 2010 model for Rs. 3.25 lacs, is it worth?

By: Vedic on 9 october 2014

7 Answers:

Tata Sumo Gold is one of those cars which have shaped the Indian automotive market. With a decent engine spurring out 84ps and 70ps and a torque of 250Nm and 223Nm with the models BSIV and BSIII respectively, it becomes one smooth car easy to ride in city as well as on highways. The rigidness and affordability of this car along with massive space inside makes it people’s favourite in used car market over two decades. Despite being constantly traumatised for its aesthetics, the Sumo believes only in performance as it gives a pocket friendly mileage of 15kmpl. Depending upon these factors and the usage of the owner it is overall a good car and with the current offer it is definitely gold.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-09
Hi Vedic,
For the first thing, you haven't mentioned which trim is on sale at this price? If it's the top-end or even mid-range model, you can go for it, after having a ride in it, and having seen the condition of exterior and interiors. Please note there that a new low-end version of Tata Sumo Gold - Gold CX BS III costs only Rs.5.93 lacs ex-showroom, New Delhi, so you may think of owning a 2015 model instead of spending 3.25 for a 5 year old model. But anyways, it depends on your budget, and your circumstances. Tata Sumo Gold is a great product which changed the definition of SUV in the industry, and is not at all a bad deal.
TeamAutoportal   2014-10-30

Tata Sumo Gold comes from the Indian automotive giant, Tata. It has got a good engine, producing good amount of torque. The car rides smoothly on the roads and highways. It is also quite rigid, and has a good amount of space inside. Also, the mileage that it gives is around 15 km per litre. Due to this fact, the car is quite popular, and the price of Rs. 3.25 lakhs is quite affordable.

Shushman   2015-01-09

You need to mention the model, condition and kilometers it has run already to get a valuation on cars. You can’t valuate a cat till you have all the information’s about it. Yes I saw some sumo gold 2010 model getting sold in the range of 3 – 3.5 rate range but the condition was very good of the vehicle and running kilometers were under 1.5 Lacks. So please check all these parameters before taking a decision on buying a second hand vehicle.

Munesh   2015-06-09

As said in the above answers it is really important to have information on the condition of the vehicle, engine capacity, model information whether it was the top model or the lowest version, number of kilometers driven and ownership details otherwise it will become impossible to judge the value of the car. Yes 3.25 is not a bad price for a tata sumo gold 2010 model provided the vehicle is in mint condition.

Irfaan   2015-06-12

We cannot estimate a car without having all the information. Additionally I will suggest you to ask for the fitness certificate of the vehicle as well because only the car owner will be having idea about the faults in the vehicles but he will not admit it as it can get effect on value of the vehicle. So best option is to get it certified and value estimation should be done. Both of you will feel secure in that way.

Aamir   2015-06-15

I will recommend you to get all the information by yourself first, and then ask him to get it certified in front of you, to get rid of the biasness that might be happening there. There are private companies like Ontario and many more who provide fitness certificate and estimates a value best on that. Additionally you drive it by yourself a few kilometers like 20-25, and then you will get an idea about the worth of the vehicle also.

Jigar   2015-06-17

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