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Which one to choose between a Tata Sumo and Toyota Qualis?

By: Ronit Roy on 2014-14-10

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7 Answers:

Tata Sumo is having a lot of fans because of its never ending production. From 1994 to 2014 the sumo is still standing strong. The price range varies vastly depending on the usage, condition and model of the car. Toyota Qualis on the other hand came up in the new millennium and thus has a refined engine new technologies and better specs. But if you are planning to buy one of these now, I will go for Sumo because it has a great edge over the quails due to the discontinuation of the latter one. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-14-10

Tata Sumo Gold is the product of Tata, and Qualis is the product of Japanese giant, Toyota. Even though, Sumo has been in operation since 1994, the car is still going strong. Toyota Qualis is built with a refined engine, and come with the latest technologies. So, if your preference is for newer technology, you could opt for Qualis. Otherwise, price-wise Sumo is cheaper and more fuel-efficient.

Yudur    2015-04-01

Being an avid user of cars, I think Tata is a most reliable brand in comparison to others. May be I am wrong but for me Tata is a best choice and I always recommend this brand. I always have a good experience with this car that built this trust. While talking about Tata Sumo and Toyota Qualis, I will go with Tata Sumo as it is a most budgeted car that delivers good performance and highly fuel efficient.

Hard Kaur    2015-22-01

If you have only two choices, Tata Sumo and Toyota Qualis then I also think you should choose Tata Sumo. One of the reasons is same, i.e. it belongs to the most trusted brand. Other most important reason is that, it is easily affordable. Price wise, it has several important features like good space, high comfort, good performance, good mileage, fuel efficiency and much more. You can think about it.

Mridul    2015-23-01

Well, I am not a blind-folded follower of any brand so I don’t think just because Tata Sumo belongs to the Tata brand so I should consider this one. I believe on facts and therefore I always go through each and every facts of any particular car. Yes, I agree price wise Tata Sumo will be a good choice but we can’t deny the technology. Toyota Qualis has much advanced features in comparison to the Sumo. So, think and research well before buying any car.

Maan    2015-25-01

Among the two giants Toyota Quallis and TATA SUMO, the SUMO is a bit longer, taller and heavier than the Quallis. Toyota Quallis on the other hand is wider and has a bigger wheelbase. The ground clearance of TATA SUMO is much better than the Quallis. The Qualis can seat up to 5 people comfortably, whereas the SUMO can seat up to 9 people inside its wide passenger cabin. The wheels of SUMO are also bigger than the one found in Qualis, which improves its off the road driving.

Aahan    2015-01-02

Both the SUVs are good for both on road and off road driving conditions. Although, with a bigger ground clearance, TATA SUMO is more readily able to go to unpaved terrain or cross flooded streets than Qualis can. TATA SUMO can also pick up more riders, so it is very good for group travel, whereas, Qualis with its more refined interiors provides the riders with a more comfortable driving experience. TATA SUMO is powered by a 3 litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 52bhp@3000rpm and a torque of 223Nm@2200rpm. The Qualis on the other hand is powered by a 2.4 litres of diesel engine that generates 75bhp@4200rmp of power and a hammering torque of 151Nm@2200rpm

Naveen    2015-03-02

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