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Which is better among Tata Sumo and Mahindra Bolero?

By: Shristi Gomes on 9 october 2014

8 Answers:

Both Sumo and Bolero are the entry level SUV’s in India. They are pocket friendly, comes with powerful engines producing 70 and 63 bhp respectively but Sumo has the upper hand and produces 250Nm torque as compared to 180Nm of bolero. But bolero takes you a little farther in one litre of fuel. Apart from engine they both differ a lot in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Sumo lacks a little in these fields. I would vote Mahindra Bolero out of these two.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-09

Tata Sumo Gold and Mahindra Bolero are the close combat cars as these both cars gives tough completion to each other in terms of performance, comfort and fuel economy. According to my fact and figures I recommend you to go for Tata Sumo Gold because this SUV has gained trust in Indian market and the mill powering this bulky vehicle is efficient enough to tread any where.

Pankaj   2015-01-21

Tata Sumo Gold competes strongly with Mahindra Bolero in the same segment. What works in its favour is its much lower price as compared to Bolero. Its diesel engine is more efficient than that of Bolero though the mileage offered by both the cars is almost the same. But Tata Sumo Gold fails to offers some important features when compared to Bolero like power steering, engine immobilizer, rear arm-rest, rear wiper, body coloured bumpers, integrated music system etc.

Suraj   2015-03-04

When we compare Sumo Gold and Bolero, both are entry level SUVs, and are in competition with each other. They are cheaper than other vehicles, and are built with powerful engines. But, comparatively, the engine of Sumo is more powerful and produces more torque than Bolero. Both the vehicles come from Indian manufacturers, so the quality is almost equivalent. But, given a choice, Tata Sumo Gold might win, as it is more sturdy and strong.

Gaseep   2015-03-29

On comparing Tata Sumo and Mahindra Bolero, both are good as SUVs in the market for superior drive. As far as Tata Sumo is concerned it looks more stylish and it has a fuel tank capacity of 65 liters over Bolero which has 60 liters capacity and has a CR4 Diesel Engine. In terms of seating comfort and fuel economy Bolero stays slightly ahead of Sumo. I would prefer Tata Sumo over Mahindra Bolero for SUVs.


Mandeep   2015-06-17

I would say both Tata Sumo and Mahindra Bolero are great SUVs in terms of economical prices or performance. They have tough engines and seating for 7 people. But choosing can be done based on few point which they differ in. While it is seen that Tata Sumo has a superior performance with a torque of 250Nm as compared to bolero which has 180Nm torque. The resale value of Tata cars is better than Mahindra so Sumo is a good choice.

Adesh   2015-06-18

Both Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo have many similar features and are of Indian make. Whereas comfort is seen to be better in Bolero than in Sumo and it has comfort of Rear Seat Centre Arm Rest, Integrated Antenna, Rear Speakers and Engine Immobilizer which is not present in Sumo. Sumo has a 3.0-litre 83.8bhp 8V CR4 Diesel Engine and Bolero has a 2.5-litre 62.1bhp 8V M2DiCR Diesel Engine. I prefer Bolero over Sumo.

Amit   2015-06-20

Tata Sumo Gold and Mahindra Bolero are competitors in the market for being budget SUVs of Indian car brands. I would personally prefer Tata Sumo Gold as the after service and sales are reliable. The resale value of the car is good. It has a good CR4 Diesel Engine giving a good pick up on road. The power steering is good too. Only in terms of comfort I like Bolero better than Tata Sumo.

Deepak   2015-06-22

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