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How is the resale value of Tata Sumo?

By: Rashik Yadav on 8 october 2014

8 Answers:

Tata Sumo is probably most choosen second hand cars in India, especially in the southern regions. Its everlasting engine, body and features get it a very decent resale value. However, you can get your hands on a Sumo from Rs. 3 lac onwards but a good condition car and of recent make would cost around Rs. 4.5 lacs. If you have the budget anywhere in between you can get a decent Sumo as per your use. However, it is recommended that you get to see the vehicle, test drive it and negotiate with the dealer for the best deal.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-08

Tata Sumo Gold is the well famous MPV in Indian market because of its good fuel economy numbers and low maintenance cost. It would not be a fair deal if we neglect the Tata Sumo Gold when we are talking about solid and heavy build nature because Tata motors has removed all those cosmetic accessories and replace them with heavy panels for this whole body. This character shows that Tata Sumo Gold can be use for decades, so according to this it is obvious that Tata Sumo Gold will definitely gets good resale value.

Raneet   2014-11-15

Tata Sumo is an old name in the Tata Motors’ portfolio and commands the trust of the buyers. Newer models of the SUV that relate to the year 2013 or later can easily fetch a price between Rs. 4.25 lakh to Rs. 4.75lakh. The oldeets models that belong to the year 2003 to 2005 can sell for as little as Rs 50,000 to Rs. 1.50lakh. Those models that are from the year 2008-2010 can hope to fetch anything between Rs. 2.00 lakh to Rs. 4lakh.

Priyanka   2015-01-02

Tata Sumo Gold is one of the most popular second hand cars. The engine is quite powerful, and the body is quite sturdy. Also, the car is known for its fuel economy. So, the resale value of the car is also quite good. The second hand car would be available from anywhere between Rs. 3 lakhs to about Rs. 4.5 lakhs. Take a test drive before deciding on the car.

Sonika   2015-01-17

Tata sumo is great spacious vehicle of Brand Tata manufacturer. You can always get good amount from the market when you have to resale a vehicle from Branded manufacturer like Tata with SUV variant of 7 seats. Tata sumo resale value varies depends upon the year of manufacture and its model which you want to resale. Range could vary from 50000 to 4 lakh depending upon the model from latest to oldest.

katty   2015-06-15

I am agree with my friends thought on above answer to this question. The resale value of any vehicle decided on number of points, model, distance travelled, condition of vehicle. But always take test drive before finalizing any purchase for the resale value. Or better to have someone experienced with you if you are new to the automobiles. Resale value can be negotiated based on performance and test drive performance of the vehicle.

Hussain   2015-06-17

Tata sumo is very old model of Tata and one of the longest existing model for Tata Motors. That brings the trust of the people looking for second hand SUV. And it brings quite good resale value to this one of the famous SUV of Tata motors. Also the engine performance of this vehicle is remarkable. So if you are looking for the reselling or purchase of Tata Sumo. You can expect good handsome amount for your purchase.

Upen   2015-06-19

I am completely agree with previous reply on this question. Being that Brand of Tata Motors you can expect good resale value of Tata Sumo. Based on its model, Vehicle condition, and the how distance it has covered by vehicle during the possession. Which are always the deciding factors for vehicle resale value. It varies from model year to year when it was manufactured.So for good resale value always keep your vehicle in good condition.

Amodh   2015-06-22

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