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Why there are limited features in Tata Sumo?

By: Sargun on 22 june 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Sargun !!

The price tag of Tata sumo is very Low as compare to its features. It is very economical and comfortable SUV car in this range. Tata sumo has its front with ventilated disc brake while rear is brum brake which adjusts automatically and ensures a stable driving which can be counted as a limited feature in SUV. It has less safety features , less interior feature due to low price tag.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-22

The price of Tata Sumo is cheap compared to the price of the other cars in the market. It does not come with a great interior and exterior look, extensive safety features and other comforts. But the feature it gives in comparison to such a low price is quite good enough keeping in mind what the other cars provide. It has its front with ventilated disk brake while in the rear it has drum brakes. They can be adjusted automatically and thus it ensures a stable and safe ride, which is a limited feature in a car of such a low price. It is a great choice especially if someone needs a good SUV.

Suresh   2015-06-28

Tata Sumo and other SUV’s of the same class are being chosen mostly in rural areas than the Metro cities. The reason behind it is its sturdiness and people are less concerned about the mileage performance and looks. These reasons are not suitably it in the cities where people chose vehicle on the grounds of style, mileage and size as it does matter in the traffic conditions of the cities so people are more concerned about the compactness of the vehicle where these SUV;s are bulky and boxy.

Kalpak   2015-07-02

You said it well dear friend, the Tata Sumo Gold is being chosen more in rural areas where people want a tough car what it is in reality. Doesn’t matter how many people are sitting inside and how much distance is being covered. Their just person wants a strong and performing car which is capable of loading peoples and stuffs. This is one of the reasons behind les features in the SUV. These Vehicles are more strength centric and rural peoples see vehicles as a utility not as a style icon or compactness or features. So this is one major reason behind having fewer features in the vehicle.

Yogesh   2015-07-04

Tata Sumo kind of SUV’s is being used by peoples who have commercial requirements. So for commercial needs peoples see less on the features side as they will not be using the same for their personal use? Second determinant is the price, in just 6-7 Lacs you are getting a big boxy and sturdy car, so company must have to cut over the features. In my understanding it’s not about the price or area specific but more utility based.

Ganesh   2015-07-06

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