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Why engine of Tata Sumo is noisy?

By: Sangram on 25 june 2015

4 Answers:

Hello Sangram !!

Tata Sumo Gold CX has most powerful engine that is 3.0-litre (80.5-83.1) bhp 3.0 CR4 Diesel Engine And in the case of diesel engines, the fuel is ignited by compression only, with no external source of spark. Diesel engines are more violent and spontaneous, producing higher vibrations. Therefore diesel engines have a higher compression ratio than petrol engines leading to more noise and wear to the engine.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-25

The Tata Sumo engine is the most powerful one with 3.0 liter BHP 3.0 CR4 diesel engine. In case of fuel engine the fuel is ignited by compression. It does not have any external source of spark. Diesel engines always are more violent and spontaneous since they produce higher vibrations. Moreover they have a higher compression ratio leading to more noise and wear to the engine. It is not a very big problem as it is common and quite obvious an issue. But in case someone feels that it’s producing noise larger than usual, the vehicle should be taken to the service center.

Chirag   2015-06-30

The Tata Sumo is designed for rough roads and to give high performance. Its engine is robust and owing to its diesel engine engineered into the car there is not such smooth noiseless drive experienced when compared to petrol engines. Any car with such an engine at rough roads and when being highly used gives a little noise and rough output making the driver feel a little uncanny which is common.

Baljeet   2015-07-17

The Tata Sumo comes with a CR4 diesel engine which has higher compression ratio which accounts for noisy drive when compared to the petrol engines. With all diesel engines there is a little rough running of engine as compared to petrol ones. The fuel does not have external spark contacts which makes it noisier. However this is not very disturbing. If abnormal noise and uneven ride quality is felt proper maintenance of the engine is not done and should be checked thoroughly at the service center.

Yoginder   2015-07-19

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