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After how much period should I change the diesel filter in my Tata Sumo EX CR4? What will happen if I do not change it for long time.

By: puitea colney on 2015-17-11

2 Answers:

Unlike petrol, diesel fuel is inherently unstable. The degradition of fuel that takes place in the tank can clog the fuel filter which can also make its way in form of sludge and solids into fuel lines and hence clogging them. As a result, it can adversely affect the injectors and other dependent equipement too. I would suggest you to change the diesel filter as advised by the the manufactuer, this would save you future expenditure on maintainance and help provide the desired mileage and power.

Ayush    2015-17-11

Diesel cars need a frequent change in fuel filters than petrol cars. This is because petrol is cleaner than diesel and is a more refined fuel. Generally, it is mentioned in the user manual about when to change the fuel filters. Generally, a fuel filter can be changed every six months so the car can perform better. Consult your local dealer to find out.

kapil verma    2015-02-12

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